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It’s not every day that a company celebrates 20 years in business. As a matter of fact, it takes 7,300 days for that to happen, and so we are here today to share our success with our valued friends and customers. We’re 20 and we’re proud, humbled and especially excited to celebrate this milestone. Check out Tech-Talk for a quick trip down memory lane and then be sure to drop us a line to share your favorite memories or favored tech products of the last two decades. Here’s Tech-Talk:

Anticipating what’s next and having the wherewithal to deliver on it.

Take a look at just a few of the innovative products we’ve developed over the years…

iDetail™ app, our award-winning, real-time, cloud-based platform that gives sales teams the ability to organize and distribute sales and marketing materials including interactive presentations, podcasts, videos and PDFs that can be presented lightning fast and without internet access.

Cue – a customizable personal concierge service that connects healthcare practitioners with designated field force representatives with the simple push of a button.

CueLines– cutting-edge sales training tool based off the Alexa platform that helps with objection handling and role-play while providing personalized feedback to management.

As Jeff states, the Thingee team has had a blast creating tech solutions for our customers. We will continue to look back throughout 2019 and remember the fun times… and even the tough times because every milestone or bump in the road has gotten us this far. Our unified focus however remains to anticipate and adapt to technology changes as they occur and apply them for our customers to take all of us into the next 20 years.

Thanks for supporting our journey!

Jeff Bromley


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00:07 Thingee. Thingee

00:08 is turning 20! It is hard to believe that

00:11 twenty years has gone by so quickly and

00:14 so many technologies have come and gone

00:16 but Thingee is still here to say we’ve

00:18 been here for 20 years and we are super

00:20 proud of it.

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