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You’ve got great products and solid messaging all you need now is the best vehicle to deliver it. iDetail App is a luxury vehicle made for just that purpose. Lightning fast, eye-catching, smooth to operate and best of all it runs on a cloud, no premium fuel required. Watch Jeff create an interactive slide presentation in just 2 minutes using iDetail and imagine how well equipped your field force could be for success on the open road.

2 minutes to a customized, interactive presentation –only with iDetail

iDetail™ App, our award-winning, real-time, cloud-based platform provides sales teams with a powerful, yet simple to use, delivery system for sales and marketing materials including interactive presentations, podcasts, videos and PDFs. As you could see from the video demonstration, creating a customized, interactive slide deck is lightning fast. Once it’s downloaded the whole presentation can be given without internet access.

Like any top-of-the-line product, iDetail is supported with expert customer service throughout the process to ensure your team can take full advantage of all the product benefits.

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Or call the Thingee team to talk about your sales detailing needs, challenges and goals. We’re looking forward to helping you find just the right tech tools to meet those challenges and exceed those goals.

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