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Cue has gone virtual! Now, all the great Cue button features are also available in an easy to use virtual app.

Thingee’s Cue is a programmable tool that instantly triggers an action, like connecting clients to a sales rep, ordering products and services, or requesting materials. Cue eliminates the need to search for contact info, draft an email, leave a voicemail or submit a form… all with a simple touch of a button or downloaded in an app on your phone. Always easy, always accessible.

Tune into Tech-Talk and watch how quickly Jeff downloads & accesses Cue Virtual… then download it yourself today for free and give it a try!

Cue Button Goes Virtual!

Cue Virtual delivers the same great connectivity options as the Cue Button, now available in an app on any iPhone or iOS-enabled tablet without the need for the LTE or WiFi-connected buttons.

Cue Virtual Advantages:

  • Provide VIP customer service experience
  • Create unique branding opportunity
  • Boost awareness & customer retention
  • Simple to set up
  • Convenient to use – always accessible on phone/tablet

The Thingee team will work with you to program your customizable Cue service. Everything from the program name to the functionality are up to you. Download Cue Virtual today to see how easy it is to use and let’s get started developing the program that is just right for your business needs.

Get Started with Cue Virtual App

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Video Transcript:

  • 00:00 Hey guys, I’m Jeff Bromley from Thingee
  • 00:02 and welcome back to Tech-Talk where we
  • 00:03 talk about all things digital. Today
  • 00:05 we’re gonna talk some about something
  • 00:06 that’s super cool. You guys have heard us
  • 00:08 talk about our Cue platform before, right?
  • 00:10 You know the way to be able to connect you
  • 00:12 to your clients or customers using IOT
  • 00:15 buttons? Well these buttons are great
  • 00:17 they’re awesome they’re physical they
  • 00:18 can actually go into somebody’s office
  • 00:20 stick onto something. What happens if
  • 00:22 your client wants to go on the road with
  • 00:24 it and they don’t want to bring that
  • 00:25 button or maybe that button is tethered
  • 00:26 to their Wi-Fi network well we’ve
  • 00:29 actually invented something for our Cue
  • 00:31 platform as a virtual button. A virtual
  • 00:33 button that’ll actually work on the
  • 00:35 iPhone and coming soon work on the
  • 00:37 Android platform so this is pretty cool.
  • 00:40 I mean all you need to do is download
  • 00:42 the app, set up the button, let us know
  • 00:44 that you’ve set up the button and you
  • 00:46 too can actually have a demonstration of
  • 00:48 how this button works. The button is
  • 00:50 available in the iOS App Store. It works on
  • 00:52 all major iPhone devices as well as iPad
  • 00:54 devices and it is super easy. Just
  • 00:57 you know press the button and I just
  • 01:00 pressed it twice on accident and now
  • 01:02 this button has been successfully
  • 01:04 pressed and I’m getting all sorts of
  • 01:05 notifications that let’s let me know
  • 01:07 that I’ve just pressed the button but
  • 01:09 this can work for anybody. So, if you’ve got
  • 01:12 a second you want to give this a try and
  • 01:14 are interested to see how this
  • 01:15 technology works and to get a better
  • 01:17 feel for it please go to the go to the
  • 01:19 link below. It’s got the link to the app
  • 01:22 in the Apple App Store you guys can
  • 01:24 download it give it a try and we can get
  • 01:26 set up and if you got further questions
  • 01:28 we can go from there. For this episode of
  • 01:30 Tech-Talk I’m Jeff Bromley thanks for
  • 01:32 watching.