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#Excited #Psyched #Cool… is the reaction from developers like our Thingee team regarding Apple’s big announcements at WWDC 2019. Why? What bearing does a developers conference have on normal folks 😉 you may wonder? Well wonder no more! Tech-Talk makes the connections from cool new tech to exciting new business opportunities. So, tune in!

What Ideas Do We Already Have for Apple’s New Tech?

WWDC 2019 Highlights:

  • Project Catalyst – enables developers to easily “port” (run) iPad-developed apps on the Mac computer
  • Dedicated iPad OS – allows app developers to take greater advantage of iPad-specific specs and features
  • Apple Watch OS – allows the watch to be used independent from the iPhone
  • Apple Watch App Store – provides access to download apps directly to the watch
  • Apple TV – use gaming controllers like XBox One and DualShock on Apple TV gaming system

As iOS app developers, admittedly, we get excited when Apple throws us new tech to explore. However, as entrepreneurs we are equally excited as we unlock new potential for our customers. The tech products and features announced at WWDC 2019 produced both of those reactions from our team.

We explored a few thoughts for applying the new tech in Tech-Talk, i.e. accessing iDetail from your Mac instead of just your iPad, or using the Apple Watch (with all the benefits of Apple Health) as part of a clinical trial or patient evaluation program, and let’s not leave out the importance of new gaming capabilities on Apple TV (hey, didn’t someone once say, “All work and no play…”).

As we dig into all the functionality of the new operating systems, product enhancements and user interfaces our creative juices will really get flowing. So be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and stay tuned for more new ideas. If you have an idea or project that you’d like to see developed, call us today and we’ll get working on it.

Thanks for tuning in!

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Video Transccript:

00:00 Hey everybody Jeff Bromley here from

00:01 Thingee and welcome back to Tech-Talk

00:03 where we’re talking about all things

00:04 digital today we’re going to talk about

00:05 Worldwide Developers Conference Apple

00:08 recently announced all their cool new

00:10 things and all new tools that they’re

00:11 going to be giving for developers as

00:13 well as new changes that they’re gonna

00:15 have to the Apple ecosystem so

00:17 everything from the Mac OS to the

00:21 new iPad OS to new watch OS and a whole

00:25 bunch of other things we’re going to

00:26 talk about a few things that we think

00:28 are really cool and are definitely gonna

00:30 help us out and some things that are

00:32 just gonna be cool in general so the

00:34 first up is project catalyst so project

00:37 catalyst is actually with a checkbox is

00:40 going to allow developers to be able to

00:42 port their apps from the iPad or

00:45 previously known as iOS over to their

00:48 Mac so this will be able to create a

00:50 really cool ecosystem allowing for

00:52 interoperability between the two

00:53 platforms this could be cool for our

00:55 platform iDetail imagine having I

00:57 detail on your Mac this could be pretty

00:59 cool so stay tuned with that the next

01:02 thing is the iPad is now going to run

01:06 instead of iOS which has been running

01:08 it’s now gonna be running iPad OS so

01:10 there’s going to be new features that’s

01:12 going to allow developers like us to

01:14 build specialized features directly for

01:16 the iPad and for all the different sizes

01:18 that they have from the Mini all the way

01:20 up to the new iPad Pro so this is going

01:22 to be pretty cool so stay tuned and see

01:25 what’s gonna be in store for that so

01:27 we’re checking out all these new

01:28 tools as soon as Apple announces them

01:30  and releases them so we’re gonna be

01:31 starting to tinker around with that

01:33 really soon the next up Apple

01:36 watch so the Apple watch is going to

01:40 have its own App Store now you’re like

01:42 well why is this a big deal well

01:43 currently the way that it works is the

01:45 Apple watch is paired to your phone so

01:48 you get your you get all of your apps by

01:50 downloading them on your phone and then

01:52 it shows up on your watch well what the

01:55 app store for the Apple watch is going

01:58 to allow people like you to do is have

02:01 an Apple watch without having to have a

02:05 phone so Android users will actually be

02:07 able to have the same Apple watch

02:09 experience be able to download Apple

02:13 download apps to their watch but it’ll

02:15 be able to be it’ll work independently

02:17 from having a phone currently right now

02:19 it needs the phone to at least get

02:21 started and have something to pair to

02:23 but this will now operate independently

02:25 so think about that from let’s say maybe

02:28 a clinical trials perspective it’s very

02:31 expensive for trial administrators to

02:33 give both these out but potentially just

02:35 to be able to have a watch and that

02:37 could be pretty cool to be able to know

02:39 how many steps a patient is

02:43 walking every day to be able to get that

02:44 patient information and that patient

02:46 data as well as survey them and this to

02:48 be work independently of anything else

02:50 pretty darn cool so this is this is

02:53 something that we’re super excited about

02:54 and last but not least and this is

02:57 something that the gamers here at thing

02:59 you’re pretty excited about is they have

03:01 just announced for the Apple TV to have

03:06 Xbox One and Dualshock controllers that

03:10  will support the Apple TV’s so now you

03:12 you have this gaming system

03:16 in the form of an Apple TV that can now

03:18 use actual gaming controllers so this is

03:21 going to open up some pretty cool things

03:22 we’re really excited to see what’s going

03:25 to be able to happen with this and

03:27 seeing where they’re gonna push the

03:28 Apple TV as far as a gaming platform I

03:30 know I’m super excited so that’s all we

03:32 got for this episode of Tech-Talk so I

03:34 really appreciate you guys coming in

03:36 watching for this episode I’m Jeff 03:38 Bromley thanks for