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Got a minute? Let’s Tech-Talk. What do Apple Health App, Cue Virtual Button and iDetail App all have in common? They are 3 of our favorite Tech-Talk solutions to make your life a little easier, safer, and more productive this summer. Each of these tools is loaded with great features and benefits so we encourage you to take just a few minutes to check them out… we know you’ll be glad you did!

1.     Apple Health & Safety

Do you realize you have an emergency alert and health information tool right in your hand or pocket? It’s Apple Health. If you haven’t yet updated your personal emergency information and that of your loved ones, you need to do that… today.  Also, watch our Tech-Talk and learn how to use the emergency SOS feature built into your iPhone and Apple Watch. Check out the app here.

2.     Cue Virtual Button

Cue by Thingee is a programmable tool that instantly triggers an action, like connecting clients to a sales rep, ordering products and services, or requesting materials. Cue eliminates the need to search for contact info, draft an email, leave a voicemail or submit a form… it works with a simple touch of a button or downloaded in an app on your phone. Always easy, always accessible. Cue Virtual app is available for download on any iPhone or iOS-enabled tablet. Get the app here.

3.     Test Drive iDetail App

iDetail™ App is Thingee’s award-winning, real-time, cloud-based platform that enables sales teams with a powerful, yet simple to use, delivery system for sales and marketing materials. Watch Jeff create a customized, interactive slide deck in under two minutes with iDetail. Presentations can be interactive and include podcasts, videos and PDFs… and once it’s prepared in iDetail, no internet access is required to show it. So show and go! Get the app here.

Thanks for joining us for a fun and helpful recap on Tech-Talk. Our team is always on the lookout for great new tech, and we’re also available to brainstorm tech solutions for your needs. Just give us a call.

Enjoy your July 4th holiday!

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Video Transcript:

00:00 Hey everybody its Jeff Bromley here

00:01 and welcome back to Tech-Talk where we

00:03 talk about all things digital it’s the

00:04 beginning of summer and the July 4th

00:06 holiday is almost upon us we’ve rounded

00:07 up a few of our favorite Tech-Talks for

00:09 you to enjoy

00:10 so first up on the list is Apple health

00:12 and safety if you haven’t done this

00:14 already for your loved ones I highly

00:16 suggest watching this video to show them

00:18 how you can set up this for emergency

00:21 situations the link is below

00:22 second up take a test drive of Thingee’s

00:25 Cue platform with our Cue Virtual button

00:28 it’s cool tech I think you guys will

00:30 love it and the third up is don’t forget

00:32 about Thingee’s iDetail platform

00:34 take a quick test drive the link is

00:36 below if you manage content this is

00:38 absolutely for you so I’d like everybody

00:41 to have a safe and Happy 4th of July

00:43 holiday and for this episode a Tech-Talk

00:45 I’m Jeff Bromley thanks for watching.