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We all love our apps. Whether they’re custom designed, off the shelf, web or mobile they help us perform our jobs better. But, sharing data between apps can be a cumbersome process. Who has the time or coding expertise to build custom integrations? Instead, take our Cue! Thingee’s Cue Press is now integrated with the platform Zapier. This integration allows Cue to trigger a myriad of actions or automations between your company’s web applications… with just the push of a button. 

Here’s Jeff with the exciting news:

Save Valuable Time, Simplify Processes

Cue Press and Zapier are not just knocking down sales barriers they’re Zapping them! Cue Press is an IoT platform for distributing LTE, WiFi, and Virtual IoT Buttons. It can initiate a single activity, like placing an order, sending a notification or requesting a visit.

Isn’t that something you want to know more about? Call the Thingee team and let’s see what Cue Press can do for your team. Simple to use, huge benefit… that’s Cue.

Cue Press Benefits:

  • Provide unequalled support
  • Streamline & improve communication effectiveness
  • Automate & simplify order requests
  • Lead industry in customer service
  • Differentiate your brand and stay top of mind 

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Jeff Bromley


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Video Transcript:

00:00 Hey everybody welcome back to Tech-Talk

00:02 where we talk about all things digital.

00:03 I’m Jeff Bromley and welcome so today

00:05 we’re gonna talk about something really

00:08 really really cool so you guys have all

00:10 heard about our Cue platform. Our Cue

00:12 Press platform which allows us to

00:14 connect IOT buttons whether they be

00:16 virtual or physical to the world around

00:19 us via messaging well our developers

00:22 have been hard at work and realize that

00:24 you know messaging is just the start of

00:27 it so now what we’ve done is we’ve

00:29 actually created another layer which

00:31 actually integrates our Cue platform

00:33 with the automation platform called

00:37 Zapier. If you haven’t heard about it I

00:39 highly suggest it. It allows us to

00:40 connect APIs or app application

00:43 programming interfaces to one another

00:45 and Zapier does this for a

00:47 variety of different API is everything

00:49 from you know Google Sheets to

00:51 Salesforce to Bitbucket and things…

00:53 there’s a whole bunch out there but it

00:55 allows us to create and create all these

00:57 automations. So now what we’ve done is

00:59 we’ve taken the extensibility of the Cue

01:01 platform which is just messaging and now

01:03 we’ve opened it up to the entire world

01:05 of APIs around us through a secure

01:07 interface. So, I could sit here

01:11 and speak for another half an hour, 45

01:13 minutes and go into all the use

01:14 cases. So, what I want you to do is I

01:17 want you to pick up the phone give me a

01:18 call and let’s discuss. Because now we

01:21 have the way of taking these little

01:22 buttons and really changing what it is

01:25 that we can do with them and automating

01:26 in a way that we never before had

01:28 possible. So, for this episode of Tech-

01:31 Talk, I’m Jeff Bromley. Thanks for

01:33 watching.