Never Miss Your Client's Cue

The push of a button is all it takes to connect your sales team to their most valuable clients.

Cue puts your VIPs at the front of the line to get exactly what they need, when they need it…

…We call it “frictionless communication”

How Cue Works…

  1. Client taps the Cue Button
  2. Cue service notifies the Rep to take action
  3. Rep provides next level service
  4. Client’s needs are met
  5. Your brand stands out

Cue Benefits:

  • Provide unmatched service
  • Maintain continuity of business
  • Keep your team engaged with HCPs
  • Maintain brand relationship through team turnover
  • Drive brand differentiation and value
iPhone 13 Cue

Keep your reps and brand in the game.

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Cue and iPhone

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