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Introducing Cue! A new digital tool from Thingee that connects you instantly with your most valuable customers. Thingee’s Cue Button is built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT enablement platform that uses the touch of a button to send an alert, a message, a request, directly to you or your team… streamlining all traditional communication methods into just one. There is no higher level of customer service than instant. Here’s Jeff with Tech-Talk to tell you more:

One Step – Just press the Cue Button. Cue sends a message from your VIPs directly to you and your team so you can get to work servicing that need right away. Not only that, Cue can be programmed to send a reply message alerting your customer to the action or response taken – whether it’s confirming a communication time, placing an order or triggering a shipment – leave it to Cue. Frictionless connectivity means instant direct communication between you and your VIP customers.

Cue allows you to capitalize on greater sales team efficiencies, differentiate your brand in a cluttered marketplace, be the leader in establishing the highest level of customer service… and certainly Never Miss Your Client’s Cue!

Contact us today to schedule a personal demonstration of the Cue Button as well as some brainstorming time to see how we can put this little wonder to work for you!

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Video Transcript

0:00 Hey everybody welcome back to Tech-Talk
0:02 where we talk about all things digital
0:03 today we have something exciting to talk
0:05 to you about and that is our new
0:07 technology platform called Cue. Not “Q”
0:10 with a Q, but Cue with a C. Cue
0:13 means to be able to cue you or for your
0:15 clients to be able to cue you so Cue is an
0:18 Internet of Things technology enablement
0:20 platform for connecting customers to
0:23 companies so think about Amazon
0:27 when you go in and shop using their
0:29 application they’ve taken away as many
0:31 steps as possible when you’re shopping
0:33 and have you ever noticed that one touch
0:35 to buy well that is the same thing that
0:36 we’re enabling with the Cue platform
0:38 allowing them to just touch out a touch
0:41 of a button to be able to contact you
0:43 and eliminate all the steps necessary
0:46 Amazon has done some extensive research
0:49 knowing that the more steps that you put
0:51 in front of someone the less likely they
0:53 are to do it so think about it if you
0:55 want them to contact you and you want
0:56 them to pick up the telephone well first
0:58 off they’ve got to find their phone
0:59 they’ve got to open up their phone
1:01 they’ve got to go to a website they’ve
1:03 got to find your phone number they’ve
1:04 got to dial the number now they’ve got
1:06 to wait in a call queue press 1 to do
1:07 this press 2 to do that too many steps
1:10 I’m up to like I don’t know a bajillion
1:12 steps already versus 1. 1 step. Press the
1:16 button. They press the button the button
1:18 turns on it sends you a message and now
1:22 the onus is on you to control the
1:25 customer service experience you allow
1:28 your staff to do the things that they do
1:30 great to be able to service your clients
1:33 it is an absolutely amazing way to have
1:36 a much higher level of customer service
1:39 so imagine your customers delighted by
1:44 calling your company imagine that your
1:46 customers are thinking about you in a
1:48 different way every day because you
1:50 allow them to just push the button and
1:52 you will handle all of those their
1:54 customer service needs so do you want to
1:57 create that higher level of customer
1:59 service so what does this mean to you
2:02 have you been thinking about how to
2:03 create a customer service experience
2:05 that is the talk of the industry do you
2:08 want to drive greater efficiencies
2:10 between you
2:12 and your clients as well as
2:14 differentiate in this competitive
2:16 landscape by putting your clients and
2:18 your brand on a pedestal and creating
2:21 that brand loyalty and challenging that
2:23 status quo about how to do things
2:25 differently do you want to wait and
2:27 follow everyone else or do you want to
2:29 be the market leader who defines the new
2:31 customer service experience if so give
2:34 me a call let’s chat for this Tech-Talk
2:37 I’m Jeff Bromley thanks for watching.