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#AdrenalineJunkie, #Procrastinator, #Forgetful… whatever hashtag fits you this holiday season, we’ve got your last-minute tech gift Ideas in our latest Tech-Talk, plus several “Don’t Go There” ideas that you’ll want to avoid. So let’s not waste another minute… Here’s Rob.

You may be late to the game, but there’s still time to pull off a win with these easy, sure-to-please, last-minute tech-inspired gift ideas.   

  • 1Password vs Password Wallets
  • Nintendo Switch™ Console -Two thumbs up
  • Fortnite™ vs Console Bundles – Buyer beware

After the holidays we’ll be back with more Tech-Talk videos to help you navigate the ever- growing and changing digital technology landscape. In the meantime… Good luck shopping and Happy Holidays from the Thingee team!

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English Transcription:

0:00 Hey everybody Rob Barra here with a special
0:02 holiday edition of Thingee’s Tech-Talk
0:04 today I want to talk with you about
0:07 three different things that you do want
0:10 to get and three different things that
0:12 you don’t want to get for the holidays
0:14 this year. First up do not, I repeat do
0:18 not get these for your parents okay
0:23 these things are a security nightmare
0:27 they are literally asking for all of
0:30 your parents stuff to get stolen now if
0:33 you live close to your parents and
0:34 you’re taking care of their computer
0:35 stuff for them you’re probably fine
0:37 maybe it’s okay they hide it in a drawer
0:39 but if they live far away and you’re
0:41 trying to deal with these things you
0:42 don’t know who’s going in their house
0:43 and they literally have internet
0:46 passwords embossed on the book banking
0:50 anything don’t do it better answer the
0:55 app 1 Password. It’s available for both
0:57 iOS and Android and an iOS 12 you
1:01 actually can use 1 Password as the
1:04 default password management software
1:05 it’s under settings you just go in and
1:07 similar to the way that you can use
1:09 other applications to filter robocalls
1:11 and things of that nature you can use
1:13 1 Password to be your vault there’s
1:14 also a family plan that allows you to
1:16 manage the passwords for people remotely
1:19 so if your mom or dad doesn’t remember
1:21 how to get into their AOL account you
1:23 can help them you can go in you can
1:26 reset it for them that sort of thing
1:27 also great for managing passwords for
1:29 your kids because nowadays with kids
1:31 having Google classroom or Chromebooks
1:33 or their own iPhones or iPads it’s
1:36 better to stay on top of all of those
1:37 things and not really leave it up to
1:40 chance. Now the next thing I want to talk
1:42 about is the absolute hit of the holiday
1:45 season which is Nintendo’s Switch game
1:47 console now the Switch has been out for
1:49 over a year now but it’s really coming
1:51 into its own with a whole bunch of games
1:53 that came out this year a whole slate of
1:55 great games that are coming out next
1:56 year and just overall great value and a
1:59 lot of fun.
2:00 portability it’s a really great
2:01 console now depending on who you’re
2:04 getting it for if it’s for one child
2:06 both child all the children you want to
2:08 make sure that you have enough
2:09 controllers for them now that the
2:10 console itself comes with a pair of joy
2:12 cons
2:13 which behave as a right and left
2:15 controller or as a single controller
2:16 depending on how you use it so you may
2:18 want to look at picking up another set
2:20 of joy cons or even one of the pro
2:23 controllers which is more like an Xbox
2:25 controller also if you’re into the party
2:28 type games Mario Party does sell a
2:29 bundle that does come with an extra pair
2:31 of joy con’s so you can look for that
2:33 extra value there as well. Alright and
2:35 last but not least the absolute
2:38 ridiculous thing that you’ve seen all
2:40 over the place but may not understand
2:42 fully Fortnite. Now if your children or
2:46 even if your spouse or other maybe your
2:49 parents are wanting to play Fortnite
2:51 and they don’t have the console to do it
2:53 it’s available on tablet you could play
2:54 it on the phone but many of the
2:57 manufacturers are actually creating
2:59 Fortnite bundles of their consoles one
3:02 thing I want you to be careful of if
3:04 you’re buying an Xbox with Fortnite as
3:08 the game that’s included don’t do it
3:10 Fortnite’s a free game all you have to
3:12 do is just download it you can just play
3:14 it for free make sure that if you are
3:16 buying a new console just for that make
3:19 sure you get one that has a free game
3:20 included with it that actually costs
3:22 something that way you get the most
3:24 value for your money and they still get
3:27 Fortnite too now for those people that
3:29 already have consoles they are selling a
3:32 physical Fortnite box at the store and
3:35 what it does is it gives them a special
3:38 costume that they can unlock and if they
3:40 already have that one it gives them
3:41 money so they can buy other costumes it
3:44 doesn’t actually have a game in it but
3:45 it does give you something that you can
3:47 open up if that’s what you’re looking
3:49 for. That’s all for this holiday edition
3:51 of Tech-Talk. We hope everyone out there
3:53 has a wonderful and safe holiday and new
3:56 year. We will be back in 2019 with all
4:00 sorts of great stuff if you have any
4:02 questions please leave in the comments
4:03 below. We’d be happy to work through things
4:05 with you but again thank you for
4:07 watching. This has been Tech-Talk, I’m Rob
4:10 Barra have a safe and happy one and we’ll
4:12 see you next year.