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Don’t stop the New Year’s celebration just yet. There’s still so much to be excited about. Join Tech-Talk as Jeff lays out some of the most anticipated, life-altering tech that we’re already beginning to see emerge. Check this out.


2019 is coming in with a bang! Cool new gadgets and features will impact the way you live at home, how you interact with your children and your parents, how you conduct your work and even how you spend your leisure time. The common thread among the products we think are most likely to be adopted by consumers is Voice Technology. We’ve been talking about voice for a while because we truly see it as the future. Yes, one day we may all own a robot that will get us a drink of water, but TODAY we all have access to personal digital assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Home that are actively performing tasks for us and their effectiveness is growing almost daily.

Your business can be improved by using voice technology that is already available and ready to be deployed. All that we require is knowing your need. What makes your job difficult, what result would you like to see, what goals are you putting forth in the coming year? Bring us your challenges and we can harness technology applications to work on your behalf.

Think of it this way… if someone gave you a treasure chest, would you just look at it and think about the bounty that might be inside? No! You’d open it. 2019 is like a big treasure chest just begging us to dig in. Well, let’s dig into these opportunities together, just give us a call today.

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English Transcription

0:00 Hey everybody Happy New Year and welcome
0:02 back to Tech-Talk where we talk about
0:03 all things digital. Today we’re gonna
0:05 talk about 2019. You know we’ve had a lot
0:07 of 2018 a lot of cool neat new things
0:10 that have happened in 2018 but 2019 is
0:12 coming in with a bang.
0:13 You know first off we’re gonna talk
0:15 about our big prediction for the year
0:17 and our big prediction is going to be a
0:19 further push into voice if you’ve
0:21 haven’t seen it already or living under
0:23 a rock you’ve got to hear about Google
0:24 and Amazon how they’re battling it out
0:27 and there is you know this tremendous
0:29 push for voice we’ve been talking a lot
0:32 about Alexa for the past two years and I
0:33 think 2019 is gonna be a huge push so
0:37 one of the big drivers for voice you
0:39 know aside from the speaker market which
0:41 people are listening to you know looking
0:43 to listen to their music in a variety of
0:45 different ways between air pods and home
0:48 pods and sound bars and all sorts of
0:51 other stuff like that you have to think
0:52 about all the other places where voice
0:54 is going to become prevalent think about
0:56 it refrigerators now are
0:59 going to have Alexa built into them
1:01 lights all of the lights in your home
1:03 now are going to be controlled by Alexa
1:05 Alexa turn off the dining room light
1:07 turn on my bedroom light it’s absolutely
1:09 wonderful Smart out outlets are gonna be
1:11 able to turn it on and off devices and
1:13 they’re even pushing to the point where
1:16 they’re want to be into your bathrooms
1:19 so think about it now I think it’s Moen
1:22 actually has something where your Kohler
1:24 excuse me
1:25 Kohler has something where you can
1:27 actually turn your shower on with Alexa
1:29 you know good morning Alexa and all of a
1:31 sudden the shower turns on how amazing
1:33 is that
1:33 and they’re even going to have a multi
1:36 cooker that’s going to have Amazon Alexa
1:38 connectivity this is this is crazy
1:40 now I can control my Amazon Alexa
1:42 remotely while I’m cooking my meal you
1:46 know at home in a slow cooker for eight
1:47 hours and I can control it from my
1:49 work Alexa this is getting crazy so you
1:53 know CES is just wrapping up we’re
1:57 taking a look into all the cool neat new
1:58 things like they’re actually having new
2:00 glasses that people can put on that are
2:01 Alexa controlled it’s amazing but it’s
2:04 going to be interesting to see this
2:06 crazy new tech that’s really going to
2:07 push this voice market I have a feeling
2:09 we’re gonna see some inventions that are
2:10 going to go well beyond
2:13 what we think is possible and then it’ll
2:15 kind of the market will readjust and
2:16 we’ll get back to hey here’s the things
2:18 that people really want and really
2:19 you’re going to use in their homes that
2:22 are going to become more prevalent and
2:25 really it’s going to be an exciting time
2:26 so Amazon says they’ve sold quite a lot
2:31 of units or pushing big for this and we
2:33 think that it’s going to be a great year
2:34 for people to really start embracing
2:36 voice again we’ve been talking about
2:38 this for a couple years now and if
2:40 you’re interested in getting into voice
2:42 which I have been telling you for the
2:43 past two years don’t wait and now is the
2:46 time it’s become major to become
2:49 mainstream now is the time to really
2:50 start thinking about embracing voice and
2:52 really putting it into your business so
2:54 if you got a question want to talk about
2:55 it want to even think about taking the
2:58 next steps please call me you got my
3:00 contact information below I’d love to
3:02 hear from you and for this episode of
3:04 Tech-Talk I’m Jeff Bromley thank
3:14 you.