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Beginning a new year almost begs for trying something different… finding new, more effective ways to do what you need to do. Well, Thingee has a perfect tech tool to try out and we’re offering a free demo for you and your team. Here’s Jeff to fill you in…


Say “Goodbye” to business as usual and take our Cue for treating your VIP customers the way they deserve. Cue allows you to show your customers just how important they are because it gives them a direct line right to their dedicated representative… all with just the push of a button!

The Thingee team does the app programming and your team simply assigns and distributes the buttons to their most valuable customers. When the customer needs to reach their dedicated representative, all they have to do is press the Cue button.

We call it Frictionless Connectivity and it is already being used successfully out in the marketplace. Don’t be left behind. See it, touch it, try it… call the Thingee team today for your free demonstration.

Jeff Bromley

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English Transcription
0:00 Hey everybody Jeff Bromley here and
0:02 welcome back to Tech-Talk where we talk
0:03 about all things digital. I have a
0:04 question for you do you want to disrupt
0:06 the way your team services your clients?
0:09 If so check this out hopefully you’ve
0:12 heard about Thingee’s new product called
0:13 Cue if not here’s a brief
0:15 description Cue is a personalized
0:18 concierge service that allows your
0:20 clients to contact you with the press of
0:23 a button have you seen how it works if
0:26 not let me show you really quick because
0:27 this is really cool so check out over my
0:30 screen over here so what I’m gonna do is
0:33 I’m gonna quickly and easily set up a
0:35 brand new button here I’m going to set
0:37 up my…
0:59 At this point I’m going to scan the code
1:01 on the back of my AT&T button and that’s
1:13 it I’m done I tap finish and I’m done
1:17 now whenever my clients press this
1:20 button I’m going to receive a
1:22 notification that lets me know that they
1:24 need help and if you actually check it
1:26 out here on my phone you could actually
1:28 see that Cue has already sent me a text
1:30 message saying that my client needs help
1:32 my client will also receive a
1:34 notification that they’ve pressed the
1:36 button and it allowed me to quickly and
1:38 easily get in touch with them so imagine
1:42 the loyalty that you are going to
1:44 create knowing that your clients can get
1:46 serviced with a touch of a button.
1:49 This technology is so new and so hot
1:51 that you need to make the investment in
1:53 this now so I urge you pick up the phone
1:57 you guys have my phone number it’s right
1:58 down there give me a call this is
2:00 something that you and your clients will
2:02 need to make sure that you are able to
2:04 service them the way that they need to
2:06 be serviced in the future for this Tech-
2:07 Talk I’m Jeff Bromley, thanks.