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We’ve now entered the 3rd generation of iPad Pro and it’s a neat, new world, and one that could have positive implications for your business. There’s a larger screen yet a smaller footprint, snap on keyboard, redesigned pencil, software upgrades… Tech-Talk reviews all of these new features, accessories and more so join us for a quick chat. And, if you’re wondering how this new tech can benefit your business applications, give the Thingee team a call and let’s explore those opportunities.

Here’s Rob with Tech-Talk:

Early tech adopters like the Thingee team are immediately noticing some great new benefits of this latest iPad Pro. For starters, we’ve noticed several features shared from the iPhone 10 like Face ID, edge to edge screen, no “home” button and a fabulous new camera. All good so far, but we know that there are still a lot of users that are going to be put-off with the lack of a headphone jack. Tech-Talk has covered this topic before and while we do feel your pain, we also remember a world of wired keyboards and wired mouse devices… and honestly we are thankful those are gone, right? Wireless is the way of the future and Apple is a leader in that forefront.

So, don’t let that one little blip take away from all the great features in this tablet. There is a beautiful liquid retina display (just think of how those iDetail presentations are going to look now!), and faster graphics with AR support.

Here are some other key advancements you will enjoy:

  • Face ID
  • Noticeably smaller form factor (size/configuration is thinner)
  • Edge to edge screen
  • Impressive new camera with a flash
  • Lightweight – just over 1 lb.
  • Updated keyboard – snaps on magnetically and covers both sides of the iPad
  • Updated pencil – flat edge so no more rolling, pairs & charges while magnetically attached and touch feature allows for taps & double taps to control use
  • USB-C charger
  • Greater processing power

As always when Apple designs new tech, we adapt our applications to take advantage of the latest that Apple has to offer. If you are looking for a way to revitalize your tech use, or want to better understand how to put tech to work in your business, please give us a call. The next great idea is just out there waiting to be found.

Thanks for joining Tech-Talk.

Jeff Bromley

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