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New from Thingee! Quickly find all your favorite Tech-Talks by enabling Thingee’s Tech-Talk skill from the Alexa Skill Store, or just ask Alexa and she will enable it for you. Alexa will search by episode, keyword or phrase and even read the episode back to you. Alexa can also send you a link to the episode via email. Here’s Jeff to tell you more about this exciting new skill.

Thingee’s Tech-Talk series is chock-full of great information about “all things digital.” From Apple product reviews, previews and helpful user tips to personal digital assistant user information (Hello Alexa), health-related technologies and all kinds of digital organization tools! And now that whole content library is available directly to you from Alexa.

Access the new skill here: Alexa Skill Store- https://amzn.to/2F9afQg

The Tech-Talk videos include a link in the description section to a related blog on each Tech-Talk topic. The blogs have a little more detail about each topic in an easy to access and read format and where applicable they also contain helpful links for readers interested in a deeper-dive into the topic.

The uses for the new Alexa skill are just beginning. Accessing the Tech-Talk content library is of value, but what content library do you have that your customers, employees and/or salesforce would benefit from accessing with this level of ease? With this platform built we can design something unique for your business! Email us or ask your digital personal assistant to call Thingee, so we can talk one-to-one about your tech needs.

Thank you for joining Tech-Talk!

Jeff Bromley

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0:00 Hey everybody Jeff Bromley here and
0:01 welcome back to Tech-Talk where we talk
0:03 about all things digital. Today we’re
0:04 gonna talk to you about some new
0:06 technology that thingy has created that
0:08 we talked to you a couple weeks about
0:09 about our new Alexa skill that is now
0:13 available in the Alexa skill store or
0:16 you can just ask Alexa and she’ll
0:17 install it for you
0:18 so Thingee has created a way for you to
0:20 access all of the existing library of
0:23 text talks on your Alexa device you can
0:25 now search our entire library and Alexa
0:28 will read them back to you this is a
0:30 great way to get even more value out of
0:32 the existing Thingee Tech-Talk series so
0:35 this skill is public all you need to do
0:36 is go to your Alexa skill store or just
0:39 ask Alexa and she’ll install it for you
0:41 once you have this skill you can ask her
0:43 to search based on keywords or if you
0:45 want to watch the video she can actually
0:46 send you a link directly to your mobile
0:49 device or to your desktop device this
0:53 skill and technology can be
0:54 adapted for anyone who has a library of
0:57 information that they want to share with
0:59 someone it’s it’ll be great for a
1:00 variety of different things and this is
1:02 just the start we’re gonna show you some
1:03 neat other features that were capable of
1:05 doing with Alexa in the future so if
1:07 you’re interested in learning more or
1:09 have some feedback for our skill feel
1:11 free to drop me a line for this episode
1:13 of Tech-Talk I’m Jeff Bromley thanks for
1:14 watching.