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It’s generally considered good to build bridges. Bridges connect us and make our lives easier and faster. We saw this bridge coming for quite a while now… so as the last few stanchions are put into place, the Thingee team wants to make sure you’re one of the first to cross. The bridge is between voice search and the visual world. Are you positioned to handle this shift? Here’s Jeff with a Tech-Talk to tell you more.


As we bridge voice search to our visual technology the lead architects appear to be Amazon and Apple. In other words, think of it as Siri and Alexa building a bypass… right over Google. That’s right, the phrase, “I’ll Google it” will more frequently become “Siri send me to www.Thingee.com” and there it appears right on your smartphone, desktop, Apple Watch, wherever. With over 50K new skills and more being developed each day, Alexa is poised to send us to products, services websites and almost any other “answer” we are seeking… and Siri will effectively have her back.

This new shift does bring challenges to marketing teams that have spent many hours and many dollars positioning businesses for Google and other online searches engines. How big a shift needs to be made and how should you most effectively approach this search technology? In other words, what are the GPS coordinates? The Thingee team has had this shift in our scope since voice search technology was introduced, let us help you get where you need to go.

Give us a call for a consultation, and as always with technology… the sooner, the better.

Thanks for checking-in with Tech-Talk. See you soon!

Jeff Bromley

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0:00 Hey everybody Jeff Bromley here and
0:01 welcome back to Tech-Talk where we talk
0:02 about all things digital. Today, we’re
0:04 gonna talk about something that’s near
0:05 and dear to my heart something that I’ve
0:07 been talking to you guys about for
0:08 almost the past two years now and that
0:10 is voice and voice search. So we’ve
0:12 talked a little bit about what our
0:14 iPhones and hey Siri can do
0:17 we’ve talked a little bit about what
0:19 Alexa can do and how she can how she can
0:22 power and help our world however we
0:24 haven’t talked about how to take this
0:26 audience auditory world and bring it to
0:29 the visual and I think that’s something
0:31 that in the long run as technologists
0:34 and as marketers we’re actually going to
0:36 be able to start to leverage so when you
0:38 think about the number of voice skills
0:40 that have come out over the past couple
0:41 years it’s growing at an exponential
0:43 rate I think we’re up to something like
0:44 fifty thousand skills Amazon is going to
0:47 allow us to now search within those
0:49 skills so if you think about what we’re
0:51 able to do when we have voice search on
0:55 something like this and that voice
0:57 search can now curate content and be
0:59 able to pipe that from your device or
1:02 even your device and then have it
1:05 display on your visual device like your
1:07 desktop your iPhone your regular Mac or
1:11 PC whatever you’re using that is a huge
1:14 opportunity for all of us to start to
1:15 recreate and curate all this
1:17 content so not that Google is a bad
1:20 thing however once you start to bring
1:21 bridge this which makes so much easier
1:24 to just ask it for you know Alexa search
1:26 for this Alexa search for that Alexa
1:28 what’s the question to this question or
1:31 Alexa what’s the answer to this question
1:33 we can start to bridge that gap and then
1:35 say Alexa send that to my iPhone and now
1:39 you could start to bridge the gap
1:40 between the two it’s really quite an
1:42 amazing thing that we have and creating
1:44 an amazing world and I think right now
1:46 between Apple and Amazon you’ve got guys
1:50 that are that are out in the forefront
1:52 you know Alexa’s been around for a
1:53 couple years but you can’t count hey
1:55 Siri because Siri is going to be huge
1:57 with all this the fact that I’ve got it
2:00 in my pocket with me at all time so you
2:03 know as we’ve talked about some of those
2:04 format wars in the past I think this is
2:06 going to be huge but you know what it
2:08 all boils down to is we now have the
2:10 opportunity again as marketers to
2:12 re-curate our content and be
2:15 able to position it in such a way so
2:17 that way we own our specific domains of
2:22 what we’re responsible for as far as
2:24 information so I’m really excited about
2:26 this I think you know over the past
2:28 couple years with how many Alexa devices
2:30 and how many iPhones have been purchased
2:31 I really think that you know the chain
2:33 the change is coming from how people are
2:35 going to traditionally be searching
2:37 which is on their desktop to something
2:39 that’s going to be much more auditory
2:40 and then bridge that gap and put it on
2:43 to the screen. So for this episode of
2:45 Tech-Talk, I’m Jeff Bromley. Thanks for
2:47 watching.