You Asked For It: Announcing Tech Teach!
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You Asked For It: Announcing Tech Teach!

  • Posted by: Jeff Bromley
  • Category: Tech Teach, Thingee Tech-Talk

This week, we have something new to announce: Tech Teach is coming!

We’re keeping this short and sweet to let you know we’re bringing a new format to your monitor or phone: Tech Teach.

In Tech Teach, we’ll not only talk tech, but we’ll cover the practical applications and teach you the  how’s and why’s. Whether it’s live streamed or recorded, you can count on Rob & Jeff to provide useful information, tips, and context so you learn what’s behind the technology and how it impacts you.

Stay tuned for lots of new content, brought to you by your favorite tech duo! See you at the blackboard.

Jeff Bromley
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Rob Barra
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