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Maintaining Brand Relationships Through Change | Thingee’s Tech-Talk

  • Posted by: Jeff Bromley
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Rob & Jeff are back with another Tech-Talk. This week’s message is about marketing your brand in this age of telemedicine, where everywhere is whitespace. Companies are relying on technology to bridge the gap when reps can’t be there.

Maintaining Brand Relationships Through Change

How do you market your brand in this period of telemedicine? Doctors are seeing the vast majority of their patients online while still needing to take care of day-to-day duties. They don’t have spare time to spend with sales reps and there isn’t an office for the reps to visit to deliver their brand’s message or restock physical assets. 

Sales reps have pretty much been sidelined in today’s contactless world, making all doctors whitespace doctors. The good news is that technology adoption has dramatically increased to fill the gap. That’s why we created Cue

Cue is a notification service that allows doctors to get in touch with you so they can take control of the customer service experience to get what they need, when they need it. The tap of the Cue app is all it takes for you to maintain your relationship with your customers during and after Covid-19. 

Download the Cue app and give it a try. You’ll get an immediate response and so will your customers. 

Call us now at 973-644-9012 x11 to help you meet the unmet needs in this new whitespace landscape.
Download the Cue Virtual app at: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/cue-virtual/id1460153675. Stay safe out there!

Jeff Bromley
973-644-9012 ext. 11

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00:00 hey everybody welcome back to Tech Talk 00:02 where we talk about all things tech I’m 00:04 Jeff Bromley and I’m Rob bara 00:06 and we are coming to you from thingies 00:08 quarantine studios today we’re gonna be 00:11 talking to you about whitespace 00:13 marketing in a post Kovan environment so 00:16 kovat 19 has brought our industry and 00:19 most other outside sales based 00:21 industries to a complete standstill 00:23 basically everything is whitespace now I 00:27 mean the immediate future of medical 00:29 advertising as it relates to physician 00:30 interaction and education it’s gonna 00:32 have to change drastically the post 00:35 kovat re-emergence of some version of 00:37 normalcy it’s gonna be far from that I 00:40 mean the good news is technology 00:41 adoption has seen an unprecedented 00:44 increase over the last two months people 00:47 who are not used to doing distance 00:48 learning have been forced into it 00:50 students teachers the entire everyone 00:53 people who had never ordered groceries 00:56 online had to do it and doctors are 00:58 being forced into use telemedicine and 01:01 you know and that for us means that it 01:04 is a great time to try out things that 01:07 historically might have been a little 01:08 bit too risky 01:09 based on the perception of physician 01:11 demographics so historically old-school 01:15 offices and doctors they’re using 01:17 telemedicine I mean some of them are now 01:19 using established platforms but thanks 01:22 to Health and Human Services relaxing 01:24 their enforcement standards most of 01:26 we’re just winging it with zoom or 01:27 FaceTime so the main question is how do 01:33 we make contact in a contactless 01:35 environment yeah doctors right now need 01:39 to focus on what’s most important to 01:41 them and that’s their patients their 01:43 their day-to-day is about their patients 01:45 and the field force needs to support 01:48 them with that similar level of customer 01:50 service so the realities of this 01:53 situation is reps are currently sideline 01:55 with minimal utilization from doctors 01:58 space and support is completely 02:00 different 02:00 you can’t go sit in a waiting room all 02:02 day so so these reps are sitting at home 02:05 and their frequency and reach has gone 02:08 from you know once every week once every 02:10 two weeks once every three week to you 02:12 know maybe once half 02:13 month or barely being utilized at all so 02:15 this is this is a big challenge and then 02:18 even after all this is all over the 02:21 offices are not going to be letting 02:22 people come and sit around to wait and 02:24 see doctors so these are some of the 02:26 reasons that all doctors are now 02:29 whitespace doctors now companies are 02:32 going to need to adapt as their reps are 02:34 not going to be the primary means of 02:35 providing direct awareness anymore 02:37 I mean copay cards brochures literature 02:40 dosing guidelines I mean a lot of those 02:42 things have gone to the web over the 02:45 last few years but in this new 02:47 environment I feel that physical 02:49 versions of these things are going to be 02:51 incredibly important to provide that 02:53 awareness and those reminders inside of 02:55 the physician’s office now as far as the 02:57 reps are concerned we feel that apps are 03:00 gonna help fill that gap that’s why we 03:02 created cue when those physical assets 03:05 need to be replenished just tap the app 03:08 office staff has a question or a problem 03:10 of about insurance tap the app doc 03:13 actually has time to talk tap the app so 03:16 if you want to find more about cue in 03:18 this and how to navigate this new 03:20 whitespace landscape visit cute AECOM or 03:23 give us a call at 877 thingy so for this 03:26 episode of Tech Talk quarantine edition 03:29 I’m Jeff Bromley and I’m Rob bara stay 03:32 safe and we’ll see you soon