Cue Keeps You Connected During Quarantine | Thingee’s Tech-Talk

Cue Keeps You Connected During Quarantine | Thingee’s Tech-Talk

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Rob & Jeff are coming to you from Thingee’s quarantine studios with a Tech-Talk message to help you differentiate your brand without leaving your home. Cue is a virtual button that lets healthcare providers tap the app to get what they need, when they need it. No disinfectant wipes necessary!

Cue Keeps You Connected During Quarantine

These are unprecedented times we’re living in. Especially for healthcare providers. Trying to maintain the same level of customer service is difficult, at best. In this era of telemedicine, you need to be available for doctors when they’re ready for you. 

Every other brand is vying for doctors’ attention by emailing, calling and texting. How do you stand out from the crowd? We’re glad you asked! Cue. 

Cue is a notification service that allows your VIPs to get in touch with you so they can take control of the customer service experience to get what they need, when they need it. With Cue, you have a virtual app on your phone, not a germy physical button. So there’s no extra disinfectant wipes necessary! 

Download the Cue app for yourself and give it a try. We’ll bet you’ll get an immediate call back. That’s the kind of service that’ll help your brand stand out. That’s what you’ll get from Cue. 

Call us now to discuss your next project at 973-644-9012 x11.
Download Cue at:
https://apps.apple.com/us/app/cue-virtual/id1460153675. Stay safe out there!

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Video Transcript
hey everybody welcome back to Tech Talk
where we talk about all things tech I’m
Jeff Bromley and I’m Rob berra and
welcome to thingies quarantine studios
yes we are trying something a little bit
different we were using zoom for the
last couple of weeks but now we’re
trying this cute thing where I’m in a
little tiny box and you can’t see
anything but my head
so hopefully this doesn’t look too weird
and that you enjoy it so so today what
we want to talk about is a little bit
about this sort of unprecedented era
that we’re in from a customer service
perspective now we work as you know
primarily in the pharmaceutical space
and what doctors are experiencing right
now is really unprecedented for many of
them I mean today I even had an
appointment with my own physician to get
a refill on on some medication called
the office the office is closed they
said hey just text your text to doctor
here’s the phone number they’ll get back
to you so I texted them around 11:30 by
12:15 I was on FaceTime with him got it
all worked out got my medication already
so what’s interesting about that in the
absence of offices is that you’ve got to
actually be available for the doctor
when they’re ready for you it’s not like
you can just sit in the waiting room and
wait for them to be available or call
them because they might be on with
patients and in some cases doctors that
are new to telemedicine may only be
using FaceTime or something like that of
their own so calling them may not be
appropriate so you really need something
different yeah and in the in the
healthcare example when you think about
your brand and you think about the way
your sales reps are interacting with
HCPs multiple brands at this time are
all either emailing or calling or trying
some other tactic to try and get engaged
with that HCP so you know how do you
keep your reps engaged you know how do
you help your brand differentiate now
what’s interesting about it is that with
this you have to really be providing the
level of service that the doctors need
really on their terms it’s it’s not so
that you can just drop by and talk to
some of the members of the office staff
or something of that nature and with the
fact that you need to be more proactive
there’s there’s really only a couple of
ways that you can do it I mean if you
have a great relationship with doctor or
one of your customers it’s it’s
something that you might be able to
maintain but if you’re on a new product
or if you’re dealing with white space
doctors I mean what are you what are you
supposed to do this just the existing
frameworks and tools that that people
are using just don’t work anymore you’ve
heard us talk about our cue platform
multiple times in the past but just in
case you haven’t here’s a little bit of
an explanation about what Q is Q is a
service it’s a notification service that
allows your VIPs to get in touch with
your brand and your brand’s
representative it really is a way to
change the customer service paradigm
right so instead of calling or texting
or emailing like the rest of the the
people are all you need to do to get in
touch or to let your doctors get in
touch with you is just tap an app it’s
that easy and that way they get what
they need and they can get it when they
need it on their terms so if you think
you can help you differentiate your team
from your competitions to quote Dustin
Hoffman in the 1995 movie outbreak which
I know you’ve watched while you’ve been
home social distancing put your finger
on the phone and give us a call for this
episode of Tech Talk I’m Rob Berra and
I’m Jeff Bromley stay safe out there you
don’t want to wind up in a different
kind of box than what I’m in