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Cue & Zapier Making It Happen – Demo Today | Thingee’s Tech-Talk

  • Posted by: Judy Swajger
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Welcome to Tech-Talk! The Thingee engineering team has been at it again, making our Cue platform even more powerful… We now have a Zapier integration! This integration allows the single-push of a button from Cue to trigger an action or automation between your company’s web applications or perhaps between you and your most valuable customers. There are countless uses for this integration. It’s great for CRM, streamlining notifications, the push & pull of data… and it’s completely customizable to your needs. Call Jeff today to talk about your connectivity goals and get a personal demo of the Cue/Zapier connection!

Don’t Take Our Word for It… Demo Cue and Open Up the Possibilities!

Cue Benefits:

  • Provide unequaled support
  • Streamline & improve communication effectiveness
  • Automate & simplify order requests
  • Lead industry in customer service
  • Differentiate your brand and stay top of mind

Cue & Zapier are not just knocking down sales barriers they’re Zapping them! Cue works off the IoT platform for distributing LTE, WiFi, and Virtual IoT Buttons. It can initiate a single activity, like placing an order, sending a notification or requesting a visit. Integrating the already efficient Cue with Zapier opens the door to more potent streamlined communications and actions… again with just a button push!

Time is money so streamline those processes… Call Jeff to Demo Cue today!

Jeff Bromley
973-644-9012 ext. 11

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Video Transcript:

00:00 Hey everybody welcome back to Tech-Talk

00:02 where we talk about all things digital

00:03 today we’re gonna be talking about

00:04 Thingee’s IoT platform called Cue if you

00:07 don’t know what Cue is check out the link

00:09 below to our overview video so the

00:11 Thingee engineering team has been added

00:12 again making our Cue platform even more

00:15 powerful

00:16 we now have a Zapier integration if you

00:19 don’t know what Zapier is well Zapier is

00:22 the glue that connects more than 1500

00:24 web apps zaps are like workflow is

00:27 that connect your apps so they can work

00:29 together

00:29 zaps start with a trigger and event in any

00:33 one of your apps that kicks off your

00:35 workflow and zaps can automate tasks in

00:38 the background so you can focus on your

00:40 most important work knowing that we now

00:43 can connect our Cue buttons to Zapier

00:46 and automate the workflows with a press

00:48 of a button this is powerful stuff I

00:51 can’t tell I can’t believe how powerful

00:54 this is so if you guys really want to

00:56 check this out and get a demo to see

00:58 what it is now that you can do with the

01:00 cube platform

01:01 I implore you pick up the phone give me

01:03 a call let’s set up some one-on-one time

01:05 so really can see how you can start to

01:07 automate your workflows with the press

01:09 of a button for this episode of Tech-Talk

01:11 I’m Jeff Bromley thanks for

01:13 watching