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Sales Detailing in the 3rd Dimension – iOS 13 & AR | Thingee’s Tech-Talk

  • Posted by: Judy Swajger
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iOS 13 has ushered in amazing new augmented reality (AR) capabilities that can be applied to educate your HCPs like never before. Watch as Jeff demonstrates Apple’s new tech right from his iPad/iPhone… it’s bound to get your creative juices flowing! How can we put this tech to work for your team? Call us to explore these cool new options.

Bring Your Ideas to Life with AR & iDetail App

AR is a very impressive technology for 3D visualization. It allows us to look inside of a device and see the inner workings or visualize how an object will look and react in certain settings. AR is similar to virtual reality (VR) in that it allows you to visualize something multidimensional, BUT the new iOS 13 platform allows users to toss aside the VR glasses and just use an iOS-enabled device like your iPhone or iPad. Just aim the camera at a surface or an object and you’ll be able to visualize the object in 3D. Pretty exciting, we think.

We also think that there are many, many uses for this technology across a wide variety of industries, and we can definitely see effective applications in the healthcare sector.  

What would be easier to explain to your HCP if only you were able to show the inner workings? Or what would be better to show in your simple-to-carry iPad than lugging around a 3D model? This cutting edge technology is totally accessible and works seamlessly through Thingee’s iDetail App for all your push content. iDetail is Thingee’s content management platform designed exclusively for the iPad… therefore the AR capabilities are fully accessible. 

Learn More About iDetail App: https://www.idetailapp.com/

Call today to schedule a one-on-one demo, or a demo for your team of this new Apple AR technology. Let’s explore the realms of possibilities together. 

Jeff Bromley
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