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Can’t-Miss Holiday Gift Picks from the Thingee Team | Thingee’s Tech-Talk

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We know what you’re thinking… but you can trust these guys. They know tech!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful… so stay warm indoors and order the season’s best tech gifts for your teen and adult family members and friends! Buddy the Elf was a little too busy so here are Jeff and Rob, two humans raised by humans, who love all things tech and can provide expert knowledge to assist you in finding the coolest gifts. Let’s tune in for a special holiday-themed Tech-Talk… 

Tech-Talk 2019 Tech Buying Guide:

There’s a lot of noise and competition out there for holiday shoppers. The Thingee team is just here to help by suggesting some of our personal favorite tech items. We’re what you’d call early adopters and so we’re very familiar with the ins and outs of each of these products. We hope you find this Tech-Talk helpful and we’d encourage you to drop us a line and let us know what you think of this video and if you have any suggestions of topics you’d like to see us cover in the future. Please let us know!  

Happy holiday shopping from Jeff, Rob and the whole Thingee team. Thanks for tuning in!

Jeff Bromley

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Video Transcription:

00:00 Hey everybody welcome back to Tech-Talk

00:02 I’m Jeff Bromley and I’m Rob Barra and

00:03 we’re here with our special holiday

00:05 gift-giving guide of really the things

00:07 that we want to buy for our kids we had

00:08 a lot of fun doing this video last year

00:10 and we wanted to bring it back but we

00:12 want to make sure that the message from

00:15 last year’s video is absolutely still

00:19 clear to you do not under any

00:22 circumstances buy those stupid password

00:25 books that they sell on

00:28 the check lane of every store well

00:32 hold on you can just don’t

00:34 write your password down in if you are

00:36 going to buy this book why would

00:38 you do anything other than write hey

00:40 here’s my bank information right there

00:42 well you don’t do it

00:44 bad idea know if you get one of these

00:47 and you do decide to use it please write

00:49 in code please then they’re not gonna

00:51 remember it okay fine all right well

00:54 what’s the next thing on a holiday

00:56 gift-giving so the best thing now we’re

00:58 gonna tailor this because you know we

00:59 have Jeff and I both have children right

01:01 around the same ages we’re gonna talk a

01:02 little bit about what if you were in our

01:05 shoes what you should get you for your

01:07 kids so the first thing that if you have

01:10 a teenager or above you’re gonna want to

01:12 pick up a pair of Apple’s new AirPods

01:15 Pro these things are absolutely

01:18 incredible I bought a parent literally

01:20 the first day that I could and aside

01:22 from being in a new little form factor

01:24 they’ve got a neat little earpiece

01:26 that can be sized it doesn’t

01:28 actually fall out of your head it has a

01:30 neat little thing called noise

01:32 cancellation and for when you don’t want

01:35 to listen to your kids or your kids

01:37 don’t want to listen to you you just put

01:39 them in and you can’t hear anything is

01:45 he talking cuz I don’t hear you well

01:47 normally you tell me I don’t understand

01:49 what you’re saying I’m sure alright AirPods

01:51 Pro fantastic get AppleCare it’s

01:54 really good and if you lose one it’s a

01:56 lot cheaper to replace them these things

01:58 cost about $250 so you definitely want

02:01 to do that another one of our favorites

02:03 that we’ve talked about in the past that

02:04 we’re gonna talk about again today in

02:06 something that both Rob and I have is

02:08 the Apple watch we think these are

02:11 phenomenal version I think there were

02:13 the fifth but even if you’ve got an

02:15 older version of it these things are

02:17 amazing you know the sales

02:19 especially right now absolutely so these

02:21 things are wonderful you don’t even need

02:22 a phone to pair with anymore so if

02:24 you’re an Android user you can still get

02:25 one of these they have their own app

02:27 store they’re really a great piece has

02:29 full protection and everything else like

02:30 that so that’s actually a good point so

02:32 I know last year I bought one of these

02:35 from my mother because I was always

02:36 afraid of her falling and you know I

02:39 wasn’t with her or someone wasn’t with

02:41 her her phone is normally near her so

02:43 this actually has

02:44 fourth-generation has something called

02:46 fall detection built-in and if you fall

02:49 it will detect that with the

02:52 accelerometers that are built into it

02:53 and it’ll actually ask you hey did you

02:55 just take a fall and if you don’t answer

02:57 it’ll actually call 9-1-1 and with

02:59 built-in GPS and things like that it

03:01 really could save your life so it’s a

03:03 it’s a great piece of hardware not to

03:04 mention in terms of saving lives the EKG

03:07 function that is that it’s built into it

03:09 can also you know can also diagnose a

03:12 couple different versions of

03:14 febrile from a-fib yes that’s right

03:17 we’re not doctors sometimes we pretend

03:20 to be them but we’re not doctors okay

03:22 and then last but not least and this is

03:24 Rob’s absolute favorite one now this is

03:26 you don’t have to get this version this

03:28 is the special Pokemon nation and Zan

03:31 Ascentia edition of the Nintendo Switch

03:33 light this thing is fantastic so I

03:35 picked up one of these when the new

03:37 Pokemon game came out and my children

03:40 immediately tried to start stealing it

03:42 from me it is a fully functional

03:44 Nintendo switch it does not plug into a

03:47 television and it does not have

03:49 removable joi cons so it’s great for the

03:51 car it’s great for trips it’s great too

03:54 for even for you to steal and bring

03:56 along with you on your business trips

03:57 fantastic games available for this thing

04:00 and if you have any shiny’s you want to

04:03 trade me just put me on and that’s all

04:07 we have for this holiday edition of Tech-

04:09 Talk have a happy Black Friday hopefully

04:12 you are home with your families and not

04:15 out with all the crazy people if you are

04:18 our thoughts are with you if

04:22 you are home with your families and

04:24 those are the crazy people our thoughts

04:26 are with you

04:27 the movie theaters are open so have a

04:29 great holiday season we will check in

04:31 with you soon I’m Rob Barra I’m Jeff

04:34 Bromley and thank you.