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Do you have some “tech-sized” holes in your 2020 planning? Let the Thingee team fill them up with innovative and measurable solutions that deliver results. Schedule your one-on-one brainstorming session with the Thingee team today! You bring the objectives; we’ll bring the tech and together we’ll get those results. Here’s Jeff with all you need to know to schedule a tech education roadshow for you and your team.

Schedule Your Tech Education Roadshow Today!

One quick call sets up time with the Thingee team to hone in on just the tech solution that’ll provide the results you’re seeking with the budget you’ve got.

How about a customized IoT solution to enhance customer relationships, or a loyalty program at the push of a button, or even sales training support from Amazon’s Alexa… the sky’s the limit on new ideas and applications. 

2020 is coming! So, schedule your one-on-one brainstorming session with the Thingee team today and let’s get to work.

Thanks for tuning in, we look forward to working with you.

Jeff Bromley

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Video Transcript:

00:00 Hey everybody Jeff Bromley here from
00:02 Thingee and welcome back to Tech-Talk
00:03 where we talk about all things digital
00:05 that’s right the leaves are starting to
00:07 fall the seasons are changing and that
00:09 means it’s time for 2020 planning
00:12 before you know what the new year will
00:13 be upon us and it would be time to start
00:15 thinking about implementing those new
00:17 digital projects that you’ve been asked
00:19 to come up with are you looking to try
00:21 something new next year think about an
00:23 IoT solution or maybe an Amazon Alexa
00:25 Skill maybe you want a brainstorm about
00:27 the best solution based on your 2020
00:30 objectives whether you’re
00:32 an agency or a direct client everyone
00:34 needs new ideas to keep up with the
00:36 latest technology trends and an expert
00:38 like Thingee to help make the right
00:39 decision
00:41 Thingee’s technology education roadshow
00:43 is in full swing and the calendar is
00:45 booking up fast so do me a favor either
00:48 send me a message or reach out via
00:50 Thingee.com or LinkedIn or however you
00:52 get in touch with me to get a roadshow
00:54 scheduled for you and your team so for
00:56 this episode of Tech-Talk I’m Jeff
00:58 Bromley thanks for watching