Cue – Thingee's IoT Platform

Never Miss Your Client’s Cue

Picture this… with just a single push of a button you are instantly, seamlessly connected to your HCPs and patients. Sound like magic? Well it’s close enough. What you see is instant action – we call it “frictionless connectivity”. What you don’t see is the virtual tech symphony being orchestrated behind the scenes and in the cloud once that button is triggered. Introducing the new Thingee Cue Button- Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Button and Lambda technologies, Thingee’s Cue can trigger any number of programmable actions – instantly, like connecting HCPs to their sales rep, ordering samples, or requesting educational materials…all with just a single touch of a button.

Cue eliminates the need to search for a business card, draft an email, pick up the phone or submit form. Cue puts your VIPs at the front of the line to get exactly what they need, when they need it.

Cue Advantages:

  • Streamline HCP interactions
  • Automate & simplify sample order requests
  • Create brand access and support for patients and HCPs Build strong corporate branding


The Thingee team has proven experience applying AWS IoT technologies in the healthcare marketplace. As a 1st Tier AWS Partner we work closely with the Amazon team to provide custom solutions backed by AWS technologies. We provide tools and training for a seamless execution. And, we don’t leave you there… we stay connected and responsive through the lifecycle of the program.


Additional Features of Cue:

  • Support for Wifi, LTE, and Virtual IoT buttons
  • Integration into Android, iOS, and Web Apps
  • Alexa integration
  • Bring us your needs, goals and ideas and we’ll turn them into action…push-button action.