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Come and jump on the iOS 13 bandwagon. There are a lot of great features coming with this new operating system release from Apple. The Thingee team has been exploring the features and our favorites will significantly simplify and enhance your iPhone and iPad functionality. Hang out with Jeff to get the early scoop… Here’s Tech-Talk!

So much is packed into iOS 13 you’ll need Tech-Talk to unpack it.

What this new release says loud and clear is that tech giants are people too. The problems solved in this new update are problems we all have… ugh robocalls, juggling multiple devices, the need for minimized distraction while driving, and relief from excessive data charges. These situations will become distant memories thanks to the Apple team. And really, those are just the tip of the iOS 13 iceberg (this is a metaphorical “good” iceberg not the other kind…). Check out this list of improvements:

Enterprise features – BYOD allows users to use a personal device at work and still keep corporate data protected vs using separate personal and work phones/devices.

CarPlay – enhanced visuals with a multi-function dashboard and additional user-friendly capabilities.

Curb robocalls – Redirect unknown callers to voicemail to automatically end the annoyance of spam calls.

Low data mode – defer certain functions until the user is connected to Wi-Fi, saving data and reducing network usage charges.

Other iOS 13 upgrades and new highlights:

  • Dark Mode – easier on your eyes at night
  • Lots of photo and camera features
  • Enhanced privacy and storage security for sign in and camera features
  • 3D Map and other enhancements
  • Siri enhancements
  • Text, Messaging and Reminder updates
  • AR features and more!

Visit these Apple preview pages to learn more about iOS 13:



Now, let’s take these cool advancements and apply them to your sales effort for more efficient, economical and successful detailing and sales execution strategies. The Thingee team is here to offer suggestions, design apps and interfaces, and generally help you achieve your sales and customer support goals. 

Thanks for joining us for a Tech-Talk… we look forward to speaking with you!

Jeff Bromley

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00:00 Hey guys welcome back to Tech-Talk. I’m

00:02 Jeff Bromley. Thank you so much for

00:04 joining us here today. Today we’re gonna

00:06 talk about our new favorite features in

00:08 iOS 13. I don’t know whether you guys

00:10 heard or not but Apple is going to be

00:12 releasing its latest version of its

00:14 operating system for all of its iOS

00:17 devices and we just kind of wanted to

00:20 take you through a few of the ones that

00:21 are available via the public beta but

00:24 we’ve kind of taken a look at them

00:25 and found a few that we really like the

00:28 first one up is for the enterprise this

00:30 is wonderful for those people that are

00:32 bringing that and I’ve seen it at a

00:34 number of our clients they actually

00:35 carry two phones around so they have the

00:36 work phone they have the personal phone

00:37 so they’re carrying these two phones

00:39 around well one of the things that

00:40 they’re going to allow us to do is now

00:42 with the enterprise is this BYOD bring

00:45 your own device management so you can

00:47 actually bring your personal device to

00:49 work and keep the corporate data

00:51 protected so Apple is actually starting

00:54 to you know work more closely with the

00:57 enterprise to make sure that it’s easy

00:59 for you to use one device while you’re

01:01 at the office which is which is great

01:02 for larger companies as well as for

01:04 people that just want to be able to have

01:06 one phone the next up is CarPlay I’ve

01:10 tried this out in my personal car and

01:11 they’ve actually changed the way the

01:13 interface is it used to be one specific

01:15 application running on at the screen at

01:17 the same time now they actually have a

01:19 screen where it shows you your map I

01:22 think there’s a couple other things it

01:24 shows you you’ve got your map you’ve got

01:27 what track is playing the actual the

01:30 actual image for that artist and that

01:32 song they’ve done a great job at kind of

01:35 reengineering the way that CarPlay

01:36 would look so they did a really great

01:38 job of this for iOS 13 so as soon as it

01:40 comes out be sure to get it for those of

01:43 you who have CarPlay the next thing up

01:45 is for the phone how many people are

01:47 tired of robocallers robocallers are

01:49 kind of the bane in the existence right

01:51 now but inside of iOS 13 they actually

01:55 have a switch for silence unknown

01:57 callers so when a call comes in the

01:59 phone actually searches through all of

02:01 your contacts as well as everything

02:05 that’s inside of your email I and as

02:08 well as your text messages to see

02:09 whether it’s seen any of that phone

02:11 number before and it

02:12 hasn’t it actually will just

02:13 automatically roll them to voicemail

02:15 which is a wonderful feature inside of

02:18 iOS 13 that I’m really super

02:20 happy about because everybody hates

02:22 getting you know anywhere from 5 to 10

02:25 to 20 to 100 robocalls per day and then

02:29 last but not least and this is something

02:31 I’m experimenting with is the low data

02:32 mode so now what they’re allowing you to

02:35 do is basically rather than your phone

02:36 doing all this syncing to use up a lot

02:39 of data on your phone while you’re out

02:41 and about it’s actually gonna wait and

02:43 hold back certain things until you get

02:46 on a Wi-Fi network so when you get home

02:48 and you’re on your cable modem or

02:50 your whatever you have at home and

02:51 you’re on your Wi-Fi it’ll actually

02:53 finally sync all of those cloud pictures

02:56 and photos up to the cloud rather than

02:58 doing that while you’re out on the bout

03:00 saving you a lot of data on your data

03:02 plan which I know can get racked up

03:04 pretty quickly so these are some

03:06 of the some of the features that we like

03:09 there’s a whole list of them on the iOS

03:11 13 page which we’ll share with you guys

03:13 below so that way you can see all these

03:15 new features that are coming in iOS 13

03:17 we think Apple’s done a great job of

03:18 putting all these new features together

03:20 we are super excited they should be out

03:22 within the next couple of weeks which is

03:24 gonna be even better and that’s really

03:26 all I got to say about our iOS 13 so for

03:29 this episode of Tech-Talk

03:30 I’m Jeff Bromley. Thanks for watching.

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