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Tech is now as commonplace as sneakers and backpacks when it comes to back-to-school preparation… but how about a tech feature that won’t cost you a dime if you’re an Apple iOS customer and may actually save your life?  Medical ID and Emergency SOS are Apple Health features that are already built into your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac. 

Here’s Jeff with a Tech-Talk Rewind to show how QUICK and EASY it is to set up both Medical ID and Emergency SOS contact information for every member of your family. This is important stuff, so check out Tech-Talk and get started. 

Are you sure you’re ready for back to school? 

Let’s get your emergency medical information set-up right now. Here are the simple steps:

  • Unlock your screen and hit Health App (white box with the red heart). 
  • The Medical ID tab is in the bottom right, tap it.
  • See the Edit tab in the top right corner? You know what to do, tap Edit.
  • Enter your medical data… add your picture while you’re there and be sure to put in at least one Emergency Contact.
  • That’s It! 

You already feel better, we know you do. Now, test your Emergency SOS access so it becomes familiar should you ever need to use it:

  • Hold the down volume button & the lock button at the same time, OR
  • Tap the lock button 5 times

Either of these actions will give you the ability to automatically alert both 911 and your Emergency Contacts.

If you have an Apple Watch, your health data and emergency contact information are automatically integrated from your iPhone. To access the information or Emergency SOS, hold the lock button on the watch… Medical ID and Emergency SOS will come right up. 

Thank you for letting us share this valuable information with you. Now it’s your turn. Be sure to check with loved ones and friends to make sure they are prepared. Share the Tech-Talk video with them to show how easy it is to do.

Additionally, if you’d like to discuss ways to utilize Apple iOS features (like the Health App) to benefit your physicians, patients or customers, give us a call. We’d really enjoy collaborating with you. 

To all the parents and students… have a great school year! 

Thanks for watching Tech-Talk!

Jeff Bromley


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