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Attention content managers… it may be hot outside but there’s something cool coming this fall in the latest release of iDetail App. Already secure, easy to use and lightning fast, soon you’ll be able to push content from ANY file type to your remote field force using iDetail. Check out the latest Tech-Talk for more info and download your Free 30-Day Trial of iDetail App to take advantage of all that this amazing tech tool has to offer.

Any file, lightning fast, easy to use, secure, compliant = iDetail App

iDetail™ App –Get started using this award-winning content delivery system for all your sales and marketing materials including interactive presentations, podcasts, videos, PDFs and more.

Create customized, interactive slide decks quickly and easily with up-to-date approved content. Download your presentation in iDetail App and you are ready to go! Cloud-based storage allows eye-catching presentations to be given without internet access. Also, receive expert customer service to ensure that your team can take full advantage of all the benefits of iDetail App. 

Download iDetail 30-day Free Trial Today! 

Thanks for joining us for a Tech-Talk!

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Video Transcript:

00:00 Hey everybody Jeff Bromley here and

00:01 welcome back to Thingee’s Tech-Talk where

00:03 we talk about all things digital. Today

00:04 we are talking about our award-winning

00:06 platform for content management and

00:09 closed-loop marketing for the iPad

00:10 called iDetail. Have you ever wanted to

00:13 be able to push files out to your field

00:17 force, your remote field force, and make

00:20 sure that they get them in a secure and

00:21 compliant manner? Well if you haven’t

00:23 seen iDetail, I highly suggest checking it

00:25 out. This is a great way to be able to

00:27 push that information out there. Previously

00:29 the iDetail platform allows you to push

00:32 QuickTime movies, PowerPoints, image files

00:34 and PDFs out to the fields iPads now in

00:38 the full release iDetail is going to

00:41 allow you to be able to push whatever

00:43 file type that your organization uses to

00:47 the iPad. So, this is going to open up a

00:49 world of possibilities for different

00:51 file types that you’re going to be able

00:53 to put on your field reps iPad with ease

00:56 and grace. That’s all I gotta really say

00:59 about this. It’s a huge feature

01:01 for those of you who manage content for

01:03 your field force. This feature is coming

01:05 out in the full release so keep an eye

01:07 out for it and for this episode a Tech-

01:09 Talk, I’m Jeff Bromley, thanks for watching.