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Pay attention… it’s coming! Thingee’s Cue button configuration app is coming soon to the App Store! What does that mean for you? Check out Tech-Talk to find out more about the Cue app and hear how you can reserve a personal test-drive demonstration of Cue for you and your team.


Cue is an IoT platform for distributing LTE, WiFi and virtual IoT buttons. The buttons can initiate a single activity, like placing an order, sending a notification or requesting a visit.

It’s crazy to think that Cue could get even more simple to use, but it’s true! The new app allows your team to configure the button right from their cell phones or tablets so they can hand it over to their clients quickly and easily, no muss, no fuss.

Remember that the benefits of this small tech wonder are many and they are completely customizable to fit your sales unit’s business goals. As well, the button couldn’t be easier for your VIPs to use, it is precisely the push of a button.

Cue Benefits:

  • Provide unequalled support
  • Streamline & improve communication effectiveness
  • Automate & simplify order requests
  • Lead industry in customer service
  • Differentiate your brand and stay top of mind

A Cue button program can provide powerful support to a new product rollout, invigorating a mature product, introducing a new indication… it has any number of potential applications. Call today to schedule a test drive of Cue so we can get your team up and ready to best serve their customer base and meet those sales goals.

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