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Are you familiar with iDetail App? It’s an amazing cloud-based, content management and closed-loop marketing platform exclusively for the iPad. Our latest release now allows you to align with your favorite content sharing tech, plus preschedule content release dates and more! Tech-Talk is here with your personal preview.

New Features:

  • Publish Date – set objects or content to publish on a future date
  • Content Builder – supports podcasts and external links

Giving you greater flexibility and compliance functionality, iDetail’s content scheduling feature allows you to upload and preschedule any material for a future release to your field force. Plus our expanded iDetail content builder now allows you to store and play podcasts and access important external links with a simple tap helping to maximize those few short minutes of any sales call.

These new features add a lot of benefit to an already highly productive app, but you shouldn’t just believe us… you should give iDetail a try! Download our 30 day Free trial because we know that using iDetail is the best way to really grasp all that this app can do for you and your team. Download iDetail App today or give the Thingee team a call to get more information about this or any of our innovative tech solutions for field force support.

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English Transcript:

00:00 Hey everybody, Jeff Bromley here and
00:01 welcome back to Tech-Talk where we talk
00:03 about all things digital. Today we’re
00:04 going to talk about our platform
00:06 iDetail. We’ve talked about a couple times
00:08 but today we’re gonna dig into some cool
00:09 new features if you’re a client of
00:11 Thingee and you already use iDetail
00:13 you’re well aware of these new features
00:14 if you’re not I suggest you guys stick
00:18 around because we’re gonna tell you some
00:19 really cool things about this platform
00:21 especially if you publish content for
00:24 your field force so this release that we
00:27 just put out of iDetail about a month
00:28 ago focuses on the iDetail web
00:31 service which is where content creators
00:33 go to have the tools that they need to
00:36 be able to publish content in a
00:39 compliant way for their field force so
00:42 here are some key features you might be
00:45 interested in so number one, publish date. So
00:48 iDetail’s going to allow you to have the
00:51 notion of publish date so we can
00:52 actually set objects or content to be
00:55 able to be published in the future so if
00:58 you have something let’s say you’re a
00:59 pharmaceutical sales rep or a
01:01 pharmaceutical content creator and you
01:03 want to publish let’s say pricing for
01:05 the beginning in the next quarter and
01:07 it’s done let’s say March 1st
01:08 you actually can publish that put that
01:12 in there and wait for the approval date
01:13 that way on April 1 the beginning of
01:15 that next quarter your team is
01:17 going to automatically get their new
01:19 content and their new pricing sheet this
01:21 is a really slick way to be able to do
01:24 things and iDetail’s got a lot of really
01:27 easy to use and really intuitive tools
01:29 to make this very easy for anybody to be
01:31 able to do this number two content
01:34 builder now supports two additional
01:37 content types for self-service one being
01:39 podcasts and to being external links and
01:42 I’m going to get into external links in
01:44 a second but first podcast think about
01:46 it you’re now able to create content in
01:49 an audio format send that to your reps
01:52 iPad and then they give that rep the
01:55 opportunity to listen to your president
01:57 vice president National Sales Manager
01:59 marketing manager training managers
02:01 message for them to hear out in the
02:03 field so similar to the way that I
02:04 create these Tech-Talk podcasts you guys
02:07 can create this content very easily to
02:09 be able to publish for your field force
02:11 to be able to distribute your message
02:13 and the tools to be able to create this
02:17 are super simple and easy you just need
02:20 to go in upload a couple of assets and
02:22 you’re off and you’re ready to go and
02:24 then last but not least is external
02:27 links so one of the things that we’re
02:29 actually allowing you to do is use
02:31 iDetail as a hub so think about it your
02:33 reps have a number of different websites
02:34 a number of different apps that they
02:36 need to use now we’ve got to think about
02:38 where all these pieces are well we can
02:41 actually create and have iDetail be a
02:43 hub and create what’s known as external
02:45 links whether it be to web sites or to
02:47 other apps that are residing on their
02:49 iPad so think about that ease of use
02:52 from a reps perspective they have one
02:54 place to go not 7, 10, 15, 20 different
02:57 apps and different websites you can all
02:59 use this to tie it into one place for
03:01 your reps to easily be able to find the
03:03 things that they need while they’re out
03:05 in the field or at home so for this
03:09 episode of Tech-Talk
03:10 I hope you guys enjoyed the overview of
03:12 all the new features for the iDetail
03:15 web service if you guys are interested
03:17 in seeing it please give me a call, send
03:20 me an email. Click on the link below
03:21 download iDetail and download a test
03:23 drive so you can see all these new
03:24 things
03:25 I am I implore you to do something to
03:27 take action because once you guys see
03:29 how powerful this tool is you’ll really
03:31 be able to say huh why haven’t we been
03:34 using this all along so for this episode
03:36 of Tech-Talk. I’m Jeff Bromley thanks for
03:37 watching.