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What if you could assign a personal sales trainer for every member of your field force? Well, now you can. Individualized objection handling, role-play and personalized feedback; all available through Thingee’s new Alexa Skill… CueLines.

Here’s Jeff with Tech-Talk to tell you more…

Add Alexa to Your Sales Training Team

CueLines is completely customizable with the approved content your team needs to have down… cold. Activate the CueLines Alexa Skill and let the objection handling begin, and even more than that, receive feedback data on your representatives’ progress from the real-time analytics component.

How CueLines Works for You…

  • Simply download CueLines from Alexa Skills and begin.
  • Alexa recites an HCP objection followed by the approved response.
  • Sales rep repeats the objection response back to Alexa and waits for feedback.
  • Alexa responds with a score and corrections (if necessary)
  • Next objection, please!

Sales management will receive real-time scoring and coaching analysis to track individual rep and team progress.  Gone are the days of sales professionals practicing in front of a mirror, calling a colleague, or relying on the sales trainer. Technology encourages the freedom to perfect their skill and hone content knowledge at home, in the car, or on the road. That technology is… CueLines.

Call us now to give CueLines a try.

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00:00 Hey guys welcome back to Tech-Talk I’m
00:02 Jeff Bromley here with Thingee and we’re
00:04 gonna talk about some new Alexa
00:06 technology we’ve done a lot of cool
00:10 things with Alexa and we’re keeping
00:12 thinking about all right well what’s
00:13 next what can we start to use this tool
00:15 and this platform for and what we’ve
00:17 done is well let me paint a picture for
00:21 you imagine your city or a sales trainer
00:24 and you need a way to help your reps
00:27 practice and prepare for real-life
00:29 scenarios whenever it’s convenient for
00:32 them and on demand wouldn’t be that
00:35 wouldn’t that be a nice tool so with the
00:38 invention of Alexa the Alexa platform
00:41 and some slick development from the
00:43 folks here at thingy we’ve created a
00:46 tool that now can make this a reality so
00:49 what we’ve done is we’ve actually used
00:51 the Alexa platform to allow reps to be
00:54 able to practice their objection
00:55 handlers day or night at home on the go
00:58 using the Alexa platform so it’s really
01:01 quite cool do you want to see how it
01:03 works well let’s give it a try Alexa
01:07 start the Thingee training tool
01:10 welcome to the finger training tool
01:12 please say start to begin start why
01:16 should I use Flair play that when I am
01:18 already using product X respond by
01:21 saying doctor and then your response or
01:23 to hear an example response say if your
01:26 example doctor did you know that flarb
01:30 flava has higher efficacy in the
01:32 indicated population versus product X in
01:34 fact in studies it was proven that flarb
01:37 flava has also better safety would you
01:41 like to see a reprint of this study
01:49 your score is 100% great job you
01:52 mentioned all key topics higher efficacy
01:55 better safety and reprinting the study
01:57 to practice this objection response
02:00 again say try again to stop this skill
02:03 say stop stop thank you goodbye so as
02:10 you can see this tool can be used for a
02:12 multitude of objections that your reps
02:15 may handle in the field with some of the
02:18 Thingee technology and your help we can
02:20 actually partner up to create a tool and
02:22 a training program that will work for
02:24 your reps anywhere whether they be using
02:26 the phone whether they be using the
02:28 Alexa platform or whether they actually
02:30 have this in their car which is coming
02:31 soon so to find out more about this
02:33 product and platform please my
02:35 information is below I ask you to give
02:37 me a call let’s see how we can make this
02:39 product a reality in your training
02:41 situation for this Tech-Talk
02:43 I’m Jeff Bromley thanks for watching.