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Every once and a while there’s a tech topic that deserves a second look – like today! So, sit back and listen in as we rewind with the Amazon IoT Button. And stay tuned … there’s more big news from Thingee coming soon about this little tech gem.

There are a lot of idioms that refer to one of the most simple yet handy creations… the button. However, did you ever consider the button as a portal of communication? Thankfully, Amazon web services did!  The Internet of Things “IoT” Button from Amazon is a simple click device that can be programmed to perform a myriad of useful functions. Right now it’s available by many food and household businesses to be used to simplify the reordering of commonly used grocery items, open garage doors, control home appliances, etc., but in the hands of the Thingee team, we can use this groundbreaking tech to benefit your customers on behalf of your business.  

Let’s see what Tech-Talk has to say:

As you just heard we are looking at this cutting-edge technology as a tool to simplify the communication process between you and the medical professionals that you serve. One of the biggest benefits is that there’s no learning curve to have to overcome to use this product and the back-end development process allows for a lot of latitude to enable the IoT button to function as you desire.

The life sciences customer service applications are so widespread for this handy little device that we know you want in! Give us a call today and let’s see where this portal into the future can take you and your business.

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