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We don’t expect you to recall everything that we’ve ever said in our Tech-Talk videos… that’s Alexa’s job! That’s right, we are developing a new skill for Alexa that will allow you to access any Tech-Talk video with a simple search word or phrase. Here’s Jeff to tell you more about this exciting new skill.

You know that feeling when you know you heard something but can’t quite remember the details? Well if Tech-Talk covered it, Alexa will soon be able to read that skill to you or email any and all of the Tech-Talk videos in which we discuss the topic right to your smartphone, computer or other digital device.

You will be able to activate Alexa to search on a variety of tech-related topics and keywords or phrases to refresh your memory, or to get Thingee’s take on any given digital theme, service or tech product that we’ve discussed.  

The Tech-Talk videos include a link in the description section to our blog on each Tech-Talk topic. The blogs have a little more detail about each topic in an easy to access and read format. And, if you are still looking for more information on a particular Tech-Talk topic, then you need to email us or ask your digital personal assistant to call us, so we can talk one to one about your tech needs.

As soon as Alexa has “learned” her new skill, you’ll be the first to know! So, keep a lookout for the big announcement.

Thanks for joining Tech-Talk.

Jeff Bromley

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0:00 Hey everybody, Jeff Bromley here and

0:01 welcome back to Tech-Talk where we talk

0:03 about all things digital. Today we have

0:04 an announcement we are creating a an

0:07 Alexa Skill for Tech-Talk

0:09 so Tech-Talk is going to have its own

0:11 skill that you’ll be able to activate on

0:13 the Alexa platform and that skill will

0:15 allow you to be able to search on all of

0:17 the Tech-Talk videos that we’ve done to

0:19 date all 32 of them so this is going to

0:21 be a great companion piece for you to be

0:23 able to search on a variety of different

0:25 topics in a variety of different

0:26 keywords and the skill will allow you to

0:29 have Alexa read that skill back to you

0:31 for reference while you’re doing the

0:34 dishes while you’re doing whatever while

0:37 you’re in the shower who knows so you

0:38 can be able to get that Tech-Talk

0:40 information wherever you are this skill

0:42 will also allow you to tell Alexa to

0:46 email you a copy of the video via a link

0:50 and it will actually link you right to

0:52 the YouTube video this is gonna be a

0:54 neat skill and I think you will

0:55 absolutely love it

0:57 as soon it is written as soon as it’s

0:58 ready in the Amazon skill store we will

1:01 let you know until then I’m Jeff Bromley

1:03 for Thingee’s Tech-Talk, take care.