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Thingee is coming to you! We’ve pulled together the latest and most useful technology to streamline processes, speed up information sharing and deliver targeted messaging… and, we’re ready to bring it out to you and your team. Here’s Tech-Talk to explain…

Seeing tech in action and being able to ask questions specific to your business needs is what this is all about. We know that there’s a lot of tech “noise” out there and we’re here to help you focus in on what’s available and how it can uniquely benefit your business. The Internet of Things (IoT) offers many benefits as does Amazon’s Alexa, and our own iDetail app. Plus, we have developed proprietary technology to use at trade shows… incl. touch screen displays, iPad apps, badge scan and capture programs, etc. that you really need to see to appreciate. Customers who have taken advantage of these technologies have loved the results. Now it’s your turn.

Give us a call to schedule your personalized presentation with the Thingee team today! 

Jeff Bromley
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0:00 Hey everybody Jeff Bromley here from
0:01 Thingee.  Welcome back to Tech-Talk
0:03 where we talk about all things digital
0:04 we’re talking about a lot of new
0:07 technology today and technology that we
0:08 want to bring to you and your team in
0:10 the form of a roadshow we have a lot of
0:12 new technology that’s been worked on
0:14 over the past 12 to 18 months and it’s
0:15 time to bring it out to show it to your
0:17 team we have lots of cool things like
0:19 the Internet of Things which is huge
0:21 from Amazon we have the Amazon Alexa as
0:24 well as other cool tradeshow
0:26 technologies from touchscreen displays
0:27 down to specific iPad apps to bad skin
0:30 and badge capture lots of neat things
0:33 going on as well as some Thingee products
0:34 like iDetail and ways to be able to
0:37 distribute content to your team remotely
0:39 very fast and efficiently so if you’d
0:42 like to get these technologies in front
0:43 of your team to show them what’s
0:45 possible for your 2019 plans please give
0:48 me a call my phone number and contact
0:51 information is below we’d love to hear
0:53 from you and we’d love to get you in
0:54 before we’re all booked up we’re
0:56 hopefully doing these between now and
0:57 the end of the summer so please give me
0:59 a call so that way we can get you and
1:00 your team scheduled for this tech-talk
1:02 I’m Jeff Bromley, thank you.