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Implementing new tech solutions and projects requires outside-the-box thinking and problem solving. After all, just because it’s tech doesn’t mean everything magically works the first time it’s tested. Like any other project implementation, your tech team needs to be creative, nimble and experienced enough to handle any technology-related adversity. The Thingee team has handled our share of tech gotchas — in fact, here’s Tech-Talk to describe a recent complication and on-the-fly solution. Can you relate?


So what are we assured of with new technology implementation?

  • Learning curve – implementing new tech is often meet with resistance and hesitation
  • Growing pains – tech moves us forward but it is rarely perfect at the outset
  • Problem solving – your tech team must have the right experience to handle the tech “gotchas” when they surface

Surrounding yourself with the right tech partner is crucial to the success of your program. Your tech team must be able to design the solution you require, train your personnel, troubleshoot tech configuration and implementation conflicts, and update the program as the technical capabilities mature.

The Thingee team is dedicated to the health sciences and healthcare technology solutions. We understand your business and how technology can be harnessed to improve the flow of information and enhance the lives of healthcare professionals and ultimately, the patients. We’ve had our share of on-the-spot configuring and preventative work arounds and we always turn around and put what we’ve learned into practice on the next challenge.

What are your business goals? Call the Thingee team and let’s brainstorm together to see if there is tech solution that gets you where you want your business to go… especially if it’s outside the box.

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0:00 Hey everybody Jeff Bromley here from

0:02 Thingee and welcome back to Tech-Talk

0:03 where we talk about all things digital.

0:04 Today we’re going to talk about new

0:06 technology rollout and we’re going to

0:09 look at a case study of one of the

0:10 recent tech rollouts that Thingee has

0:12 completed for one of our clients

0:14 so recently we rolled out a new program

0:17 to one of our clients that they had a

0:20 number of IOT buttons that they were

0:22 going to install into HCP offices so

0:26 this was going to allow the HTTPS to

0:28 notify the reps if they had a question

0:30 but before we rolled out and trained the

0:33 reps we had to solve some specialized

0:34 Hotel Wi-Fi issues that prohibited us

0:38 from configuring the IoT buttons on

0:39 their network we came in the night

0:41 before we did all of our normal testing

0:43 and making sure that everything was

0:44 going to work properly but we found out

0:46 that the way that they have this hotel

0:48 Wi-Fi which is maintaining multiple

0:51 Wi-Fi networks this program wouldn’t

0:53 work so with some quick thinking a quick

0:57 run to a local electronic store and some

0:58 process tweaks we were able to have a

1:00 successful rollout and the reps are now

1:04 raving about how this is being received

1:06 by HCPs

1:07 now this wasn’t our first rollout that

1:09 we had to overcome to technology

1:10 adversity you know years of experience

1:13 helped us fix this with ease and grace

1:14 so there’s a couple key takeaways that I

1:18 want to instill you guys with number one

1:20 is brand new technology with all new

1:24 technologies there’s always going to be

1:26 growing pains it’s never perfect and to

1:28 think that it’s going to be perfect is

1:29 naive so we have to we have to realize

1:31 that you know the first iPhone that came

1:33 out wasn’t perfect the first version of

1:36 word that came out wasn’t perfect the

1:37 first version of that of Mac OS that

1:39 came out wasn’t perfect there’s a reason

1:41 why we’re on Mac almost Mac OS number 11

1:44 so these things have matured over time

1:47 and they’ve had to take time for these

1:49 companies to fit them fix them so you

1:52 know with that we’ve gone through the

1:54 first version we’re going through this

1:55 iterative process and we’re making

1:57 changes and we made changes on the fly

1:58 to be able to roll this out to the to

2:02 the field force so I guess my question

2:03 to you is you know who are you guys

2:06 going to surround yourself with if

2:07 you’re going to be rolling out new tech

2:09 which you are going to be ruling it out

2:11 a new tech and the other takeaway I have

2:13 is make sure that you surround yourself

2:15 with people with the right experience to

2:17 help you overcome those technology

2:19 gotchas so for this time with Tech-Talk

2:22 I’m Jeff Bromley thank you.