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For a century people have shared this favorite phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but let’s fast-forward a bit and rethink what an Apple can really do today. How about, “An Apple in your hand (or on your wrist) may just save your life.” Ok, it’s not as catchy, but the health benefits are just as accurate. Here’s Tech-Talk to explain.


Do it now. If you haven’t taken out your iPhone while watching Tech-Talk, just pick it up and let’s get your emergency medical information set-up right now.

  • Unlock your screen and hit Health App (white box with the red heart).
  • The Medical ID tab is in the bottom right, tap it.
  • See the Edit tab in the top right corner? You know what to do, tap Edit.
  • Enter your medical data… add your picture while you’re there and be sure to put in at least one Emergency Contact.
  • That’s It!

You already feel better, we know you do. Now, test your Emergency SOS access so it becomes familiar should you ever need to use it:

  • Hold the down volume button & the lock button at the same time, OR
  • Tap the lock button 5 times

Either of these actions will give you the ability to automatically alert both 911 and your Emergency Contacts.

If you have an Apple Watch, your health data and emergency contact information are automatically integrated from your iPhone. To access the information or Emergency SOS, hold the lock button on the watch… Medical ID and Emergency SOS will come right up.

Thank you for letting us share this valuable information with you. Now it’s your turn. Be sure to check with loved ones and friends to make sure they are prepared. Sharing this Tech-Talk video will show them how easy it is to do. Additionally, here are a few links if you are looking for more information on the health and safety features in iOS 11:

https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207021 – Medical ID
https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208076 – Emergency SOS
https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT206983 – Apple Watch

If you’d like to discuss ways to utilize Apple iOS features (like the Health App) to benefit your physicians, patients or customers, give us a call. We’d really enjoy collaborating with you.

Be safe, be well and thanks for watching Tech-Talk!

Jeff Bromley
ext. 11

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00:00 Hey everybody Jeff Bromley here and

00:02 welcome back to Tech-Talk where we talk

00:03 about all things digital today we’re

00:05 going to talk about something that is

00:06 super important for everybody to take

00:08 care of and this is only gonna take you

00:10 five minutes so you need to do this it’s

00:14 something called Medical ID and we’re

00:17 gonna talk about Emergency SOS with the

00:18 iPhone but before we do that I have a

00:21 huge favor to ask everybody if you can

00:23 like and share these videos across all

00:25 of your favorite social media networks I

00:26 would appreciate it so something we

00:28 talked about around the holidays with

00:30 something called Medical ID and Medical

00:33 ID is basically a place on your iPhone

00:35 that stores medical information about

00:37 you but it also install it also has

00:40 medical information and contact

00:42 information about people who to contact

00:44 in case of emergency so since people are

00:47 getting out of school people are going

00:49 on vacation we felt it was important to

00:51 revisit this feature on iPhone so just

00:53 you so you guys know how to do it and

00:55 have it actually set up so if you

00:58 haven’t done so already I urge you this

01:00 is gonna take you less than five minutes

01:01 to get this done to update your Medical

01:04 ID and if you’re wondering here’s how

01:06 you do that so the first thing you do is

01:07 you open up your iPhone and you head on

01:10 over to the Health App. The Health App

01:12 has the little it has the little heart

01:14 on here and when I open up my Health App

01:16 you’ll notice that there is a tab that’s

01:18 called Medical ID so all I need to do is

01:20 go into my Medical ID and this has all

01:22 my information about me so it has all my

01:24 medical conditions my height my weight

01:26 my birthday as well as all of my

01:29 emergency contacts so all of that

01:31 information is in there

01:33 so you can do and take five minutes fell

01:35 out all of your important information

01:37 your health conditions your medications

01:39 your emergency contacts etc. and you’re

01:41 done it’s that easy you guys should have

01:43 almost been done by now

01:45 listening to this video so now that you

01:47 have all of that taken care of let’s

01:49 talk about how to use Medical ID so you

01:53 can use this at your doctor’s office so

01:54 you can record all your steps and all

01:56 that other stuff but really we want to

01:57 talk about the emergency SOS feature

01:59 there’s two, wait actually there’s three

02:01 ways to enable the Emergency SOS feature

02:04 so if I’m on my phone and I push the

02:06 down volume button and this lock button

02:09 and I hold the two of them you’ll notice

02:11 that my screen will change

02:13 I have medical ID which brings up with

02:14 my Medical ID and Emergency SOS so that

02:17 is one way to do this I’m gonna hit

02:19 cancel I’m going to show you two other

02:20 ways to do this

02:21 now if I push the lock button and I’ve

02:25 done this a couple of times with my

02:27 iPhone not knowing it but if I push it

02:29 five times you’ll notice that it wants

02:33 to start calling emergency contacts and

02:35 I’m going to tell it to stop calling but

02:37 that would essentially alert 9-1-1 and

02:40 text message all of my emergency

02:42 contacts letting them know that there is

02:44 a problem so again number two second way

02:47 to do it number three if I push and hold

02:49 the lock button on not my crown the lock

02:52 button on my Apple Watch you’ll notice

02:54 that I get Emergency SOS and Medical ID

02:56 so I can also do this from my watch so

03:00 those are a few different ways that you

03:02 guys can quickly and easily alert god

03:05 forbid you ever had to use this those

03:08 are the ways to actually activate and

03:10 use Medical ID so you know I implore you

03:14 guys to quickly set this up and if you

03:17 have parents or young children set it up

03:20 for them it’ll take you a few minutes to

03:21 do that takes less than five minutes

03:23 and it could possibly save you or

03:25 someone you love their life so for this

03:29 time for Tech-Talk I’m Jeff Bromley

03:30 thank you.