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Personal technology can do a lot. It can drive cars, provide medical assistance, make our homes more efficient and even connect us on a global scale to information and entertainment. In fact, our daily lives are mostly dictated by technology so much so that we forget that we hold the power… ultimately, we are still in charge. It is harnessing that thought that will help us engage with new technologies as they are introduced into our lives. Here’s Tech-Talk with a little motivation to get you past that initial reticence and into a new mindset.


Fear can be a healthy response by protecting us from danger, but in the case of new technology we can’t let fear stop us… particularly when our jobs require us to learn a new program or process. So, what do the professionals say we should do when presented with something new and different?

“Most fear is just bad management of our own mental faculties” says Brendon Burchard high-performance coach and bestselling author.

What Burchard is saying is that we need to train our minds to see “Change as Gain”. Yes, perhaps by embracing something new, we lose something we liked and were comfortable with; however, in the case of technology we often gain several new things for each thing lost. Take the wrist watch for example. Your wrist watch used to tell time. If it was a fancy watch, you also got the date too! Today, your Apple Watch tells time, date, weather, news, personal health history, oh and it allows you to make and receive text messages and phone calls!

We probably don’t take advantage of the full range of features within our personal technology tools, but we’ve found ways to use what we like and need. Thus, we’ve learned to see change as gain.

If you need “professional help” with this challenge, the Thingee team would like to offer our services. We are nothing if not technology geeks and early adopters. We will fiddle and play with new technologies to learn all we can about them and then design ways that these powerful tools can be used to help you and your customers.

All you need to do is ask.

Thanks for joining us for another Tech-Talk, we look forward to speaking with you!

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