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“The Future is Today.” –
William Osler – renowned physician, author, educator, and cofounder of Johns Hopkins Hospital

In the spirit set forth by this distinguished gentleman and many, many, like him who’ve forged new roads to bring the future to us we embrace the good and the possible that new technologies afford us in our daily lives and our businesses. Take a few minutes and join us for a reminder of where we started to a vision of where we can go… here’s Tech-Talk:

Technology today is daily life. Think of your smartphone, tablet, home computers, television, music… all working off the internet. Then think about what is in “the cloud” … your photos, family videos, work documents, health records, student grades, homework, etc. We could go on and on, but instead we go forth! That’s what we do at Thingee. We embrace what’s new and develop ways to use technological advances for our customers and their customers or patients.

We are currently working on IoT Button projects for several customers. This simple button allows healthcare practitioners to communicate with pharmaceutical companies or patients. Clinical trial patients can use IoT Buttons to connect to trial centers as another example.

Other life sciences applications include iPad-based detailing tools like iDetail App that have replaced the technology of old i.e. flash drives and CD-ROMs to provide immediate content, permissions and updates as well as eye-catching, targeted presentations.

What about targeted marketing that enables your sales team to provide relevant content in real-time to healthcare practitioners or business associates they meet at a trade show or conference? Faster, cheaper, less cumbersome and dare we say it… easy to do!

Give us a call. A “pick our brains” consultation is free, and usually fun. There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain.

We look forward to speaking with you.

Jeff Bromley
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00:00 Hey everybody Jeff Bromley here from

00:02 Thingee and welcome back to Tech-Talk

00:03 where we talk about all things digital.

00:05 Today we’re going to talk about a brief

00:07 history lesson about where technology

00:10 has come from and where technology is

00:11 going and where technology is going

00:13 specifically inside of Life Sciences but

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00:22 it so with that let’s talk about

00:25 technology and our history lesson

00:27 technology is happening fast we’ve seen

00:29 it it seems to be accelerating over the

00:31 past few years faster than we could ever

00:33 have imagined so there’s a lot of neat

00:36 things that are going on from virtual

00:38 reality now virtual reality has been

00:40 around for decades I mean I remember 20

00:42 plus years ago wearing these giant

00:44 helmet over my head and now we have

00:46 these wonderful goggles that fit on you

00:48 have things like the iPad the iPad has

00:50 has progressed the iPad has helped

00:52 change the way people are our mobile

00:55 computing the iPad the iPhone Alexa

00:58 Alexa is changing the way we’re doing

01:00 things Alexa and Google Home and the

01:02 whole host of virtual assistants that

01:05 are out there that we can talk to as

01:07 well as the Internet of Things the

01:08 Internet of Things is changing the way

01:10 we’re doing our job we have clients with

01:13 IOT buttons that they’re rolling out to

01:15 the field to have to help their HCPs to

01:19 be able to communicate with them so that

01:21 could be HTTP that could be or that

01:24 could be patients but we’re going to

01:25 talk more about that a little bit later

01:27 but before we do that let’s say let’s

01:29 take a dive and do a quick history

01:31 review and think about where we came

01:33 from

01:34 and some of the things that people

01:35 thought potentially were impossible that

01:37 are now possible so you have the

01:39 automobile people the automobile was out

01:42 there and people you know there’s a lot

01:44 of people that looked at it strangely I

01:46 can still remember my grandfather

01:47 telling me stories about when he was

01:49 when he was younger

01:50 grew up through through the Great

01:52 Depression grew up through the advent of

01:54 the automobile and the Industrial

01:56 Revolution and he always preferred his

01:59 horse and carriage buggy to deliver the

02:01 milk that was one of his jobs and and

02:04 eventually he got to be more comfortable

02:07 with using automobiles but he always

02:09 preferred having a horse and buggy

02:12 you know taking flight you people look

02:14 at taking flight and as something now we

02:16 take for granted back in the day they

02:19 looked at the Wright Brothers like

02:20 you’re crazy there’s no way you’re gonna

02:21 get this thing to fly and now you know

02:24 traveling around the country traveling

02:25 to multiple clients and traveling to

02:28 multiple locales for different

02:31 conferences it’s commonplace now I see

02:34 friends on Facebook that are traveling

02:35 every day that are in Newark Airport or

02:37 traveling back to Newark Airport so

02:39 people are doing this on a daily basis

02:40 and and we took this for granted and the

02:43 man on the moon well you think about the

02:45 man on the moon and the Herculean effort

02:47 that we had to do in order to be able to

02:49 put a man on the moon well now we’re

02:51 going to the moon now we’re looking at

02:52 Mars now we’re looking at you know

02:54 colonizing other planets there’s some

02:58 crazy thing there’s a car if there’s a

02:59 Tesla floating around in space right now

03:01 so you know you think about all those

03:03 things and when where we came from it’s

03:06 moving pretty fast so you know some

03:09 recent technology innovations that

03:11 people have taken for granted as well is

03:14 Amazon think about Amazon Amazon was

03:16 selling books they were selling retail

03:18 books and shipping them to your house

03:20 now almost everybody uses Amazon to

03:23 purchase things it’s there it’s

03:24 ubiquitous and I mean honestly you know

03:27 the the the UPS guy is just my Amazon

03:30 delivery guy he’s come in every single

03:32 day Netflix Netflix and Blockbuster you

03:36 know Blockbuster who remembers

03:37 Blockbuster I mean it’s it’s seeing it

03:39 they’ve been gone for you know almost a

03:41 decade now and now everybody rather than

03:44 having that experience of going to

03:45 Blockbuster to shop in the store and

03:48 spend 45 minutes to an hour to find the

03:50 movie now they sit and sift through

03:52 Netflix on their Apple TV spending 45

03:55 minutes to an hour in their living room

03:56 trying to figure out what television is

03:58 it is that they want to watch when you

04:01 think about Blue Apron and Fresh Direct

04:03 you know people used to go to the

04:05 grocery stores to buy all these

04:06 groceries and then figure out a recipe

04:08 that was in a book and now they just

04:12 send you in the mail this wonderful care

04:14 package of all the things that you need

04:16 to make a delicious meal even if you

04:19 don’t know how to cook in your own home

04:21 so it’s done lots and lots and lots of

04:24 great things

04:25 you know super happy about it and and

04:27 and with my wife and I have had some

04:29 phenomenal meals. And Apple just

04:32 keeps changing everything on a daily

04:33 basis you know when you think about all

04:35 the stuff that’s in this phone all the

04:39 things that you needed to carry around

04:40 individually there’s a there’s a picture

04:42 somewhere on the internet where it shows

04:44 the Walkman and the camcorder and the

04:46 television and all of these things are

04:49 now in here this is the one device

04:52 you don’t need everything else they’ve

04:54 they’ve managed to miniaturize

04:55 everything so think about how crazy that

04:57 technology is right now and and yeah I

05:00 mean thinking back to this I mean I have

05:02 a beautiful digital camera that I used

05:03 to take pictures but I don’t need that

05:05 anymore I’m using this to take my

05:06 pictures don’t tell my wife how much I

05:09 spent on that camera either so you know

05:12 and and thinking about all those

05:14 technological changes and thinking about

05:16 that is over all with all the people

05:18 that on a daily basis let’s think about

05:20 how some of those changes in life

05:22 sciences so you know iPads and detail

05:24 aids I mean these things have been

05:26 around for since the invention of the

05:28 pharmaceutical sales rep you know we’ve

05:30 had paper detail aids and we’ve had

05:32 flash drives and we’ve had CD ROMs

05:34 I can’t tell you how many CD ROMs we’ve

05:36 mailed out and stuck labels on and DVDs

05:38 and you know we had lots of crazy things

05:42 that people used to do in order to get

05:43 their sales reps up to date now we just

05:45 have things like iPads and things like

05:46 our product iDetail that allows them to

05:48 just take these things on the road get

05:50 updates immediately it’s absolutely

05:53 wonderful the IOT button talked a little

05:55 bit about that before but think about it

05:57 now we have you know everybody remembers

05:59 the easy button that that staples put

06:01 out and I’m surprised that staples never

06:03 capitalized on this but they had an easy

06:04 button and it was very novel and you

06:06 pushed it in and said that was easy now

06:07 we have these buttons that can actually

06:09 connect us somewhere with one button

06:12 push to be able to connect HCPs to

06:14 patients, patients to pharmaceutical

06:16 companies, HCPs

06:17 to pharmaceutical companies clinical

06:20 trial patients to trial centers we could

06:22 do some amazing things inside of life

06:24 science with these new IOT buttons it’s

06:27 really quite amazing and then last but

06:30 not least all of these marketing and

06:32 events we have have you ever looked up

06:35 at a tradeshow recently and

06:37 at the event and if you look up you’ll

06:39 see wireless repeaters throughout the

06:41 entire trade show floor in the event now

06:44 we’re actually connected on a trade show

06:47 floor I remember you know not too long

06:49 ago when we had to make sure that we

06:50 brought all of the servers and we had to

06:53 set up this local area network to get

06:55 all these computers or iPads everything

06:57 working all together well now we can

07:00 connect to the internet so all of those

07:02 cloud computing services that we were

07:04 kind of worried and we’d have spotty

07:06 internet at certain shows so we had to

07:08 bring everything locally now we just

07:10 connect to the internet it’s it’s made

07:11 our lives amazing so when you think

07:13 about it when when a when an HCP walks

07:16 up and they’re at a specific booth and

07:18 they scan their badge and we can capture

07:19 their information in real-time give it

07:22 to the marketers be able to send them an

07:24 email whether it be real time or later in

07:26 the evening of that event and being able

07:28 to have this new experience around trade

07:31 shows and events not to mention how we

07:33 can tie in IOT buttons and virtual

07:35 reality and more iPad stuff so it’s

07:37 really quite amazing how all of this

07:40 technology has moved so fast over the

07:43 past century and I’m super excited to

07:45 see where it’s going to go so with that

07:48 I I implore you to just jump in jump in

07:52 feet first and not be afraid if you are

07:56 afraid if you have a fear if you’re

07:58 somebody that is risk-averse that is

07:59 okay we’re gonna talk about how to

08:01 overcome those fears in a future video

08:02 but for now I suggest jump in just do it

08:06 just you know be very Nike about it just

08:09 do it jump in get your feet wet start

08:11 learning about it start understanding it

08:13 and start doing things with these new

08:14 technologies if again if you want to

08:17 talk to me about these things I’m

08:19 offering a free consultation to pick my

08:21 brain to talk about these technologies

08:23 and how to bring those to your business

08:27 so with all the things we’ve learned

08:29 right now I again I suggest just do it

08:32 and for this Tech-Talk I’m Jeff Bromley

08:35 thank you