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You’ve got things to do, but what should you start first, what will it take to get it done, and what important dates do you need to remember? Sounds like you need Things. No, we’re not being redundant… you need the personal task manager, Things. Here’s Tech-Talk with more…


Things App is a personal task manager that works with all digital devices running on the iOS platform. So, your Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch can all be on the same page… literally. Things links the devices and cloud-stored content so that no matter which device you are looking at, you’ll know what your next task, to-do, critical date, etc. is going to be.

But your “things” don’t include just work tasks, because who doesn’t have personal to-do lists, appointments and important dates to remember? Things will merge your personal and professional items to help you get a more complete picture of your day, week, month, etc. In addition, the Things team encourages users to add wish lists too. The premise being that the more fun the content, the more likely you’ll keep up with your to-do lists.

The Things program will have you schedule your items into four categories:

  • Today – priorities
  • Upcoming – planning ahead
  • Anytime – longer look than just today
  • Someday – undetermined future date

Once your items are scheduled, Things will notify you as the scheduled dates approach. Again, all your devices will receive the notification, therefore no matter which device you are working with at the time, you’ll never miss a notification.

If this program sounds like something you’d like to try, visit the Things website for the free trial offer. Once all your tasks are organized, be sure to add “Call Thingee” to your to-do list so we can start brainstorming your next big idea!

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00:00 hey everybody I’m Jeff Bromley and

00:01 welcome back to Tech-Talk where we talk

00:03 about all things digital today we’re

00:05 gonna talk about a program that’s near

00:06 and dear to my heart it’s a program

00:08 called Things but before we dive into

00:11 things I want to talk I’ve got a couple

00:12 announcements one if you guys can do me

00:15 a favor and like and share across all

00:18 the social media platforms these Tech

00:20 Talk videos I would greatly appreciate

00:22 it number two I want to I want a big

00:24 shout out to my my business coach Jim

00:27 Riviello at Leadership X University this

00:29 is a program that he’s suggested to me

00:31 and has helped me to organize my

00:33 personal and professional life and he

00:36 suggested things and he has done a

00:37 phenomenal job of helping me helping me

00:40 with this I’ve been using this program

00:41 for a couple of years now and it’s

00:43 really helped organize all the things

00:45 that I need to get done from a personal

00:47 and professional aspect so big shout out

00:51 to Jim I love him for it thank you.

00:53 So Things what is Things? Things is a

00:57 wonderful tool for organizing all of

00:59 those tasks that you need to get done

01:01 now here at Thingee we use a number of

01:03 different programs one being Salesforce,

01:07 Slack,

01:08 Trello, they’re all a couple of catch-all

01:11 tools where you can start to gather

01:12 information. I’ve got my whole list of

01:14 tasks inside of Salesforce I got a list

01:16 of tasks inside of Trello but I also

01:18 have to have a way to capture all the

01:20 other tasks because there’s a lot of

01:21 things coming out of meetings as action

01:24 items that I have to take personally to

01:26 be able to take action get those things

01:29 done for the better of the betterment of

01:31 the company so things is a program that

01:35 Allows me to organize all of that and

01:36 keep it all in one place so let’s dive

01:41 into Things let’s let’s show you guys

01:43 how I personally use Things and again

01:45 this is from my personal perspective got

01:47 a lot of other things in here there’s a

01:48 ton of other areas inside of Things that

01:53 I use this for but we’ll just take a

01:54 look quickly at my personal level so

01:57 from personally I’ve got I’ve got my

01:59 family here I’ve got my honey do list

02:01 things than they need to get done for my

02:02 wife my house projects my bathroom just

02:05 wrapping that up we got one thing left

02:06 in there I’ve got a basement project

02:08 that’s going on as well as some Amazon

02:10 giftcard ideas of a couple gift cards

02:12 that I got from crisp

02:13 so I haven’t spent that money yet but

02:14 still I’m like well let me get some

02:16 ideas of things that I’d like to

02:17 purchase for myself so I as I come up

02:19 with ideas I’m filing those away very

02:23 quickly very easily so that way when it

02:24 comes time to pull the trigger and start

02:26 using this I can make my decisions and I

02:28 have my list but one of the beautiful

02:30 things of using Things is the fact that

02:33 it works across all of the all of the

02:36 platforms you can actually see here that

02:38 between my things on the left and my

02:41 things on the right one is my Mac and

02:43 the other is my iPhone you can see that

02:46 both of them are absolutely in sync and

02:49 as I create new tasks these are all

02:51 going to be synced using the things

02:52 cloud so if I’ve got a number of

02:54 different devices that this is all

02:56 working with these are all synced so I

02:58 have one master list I’m not having to

03:00 worry about my things syncing with my

03:01 between my phone and my computer

03:04 they’re always in sync so as I create

03:07 new to dos which is so super simple all

03:10 I have to do is click the plus button

03:11 and I create a new to do it

03:15 automatically creates it in here and I

03:17 can I can easily schedule that for today

03:20 or a day in the future I can add tags to

03:23 this excuse me

03:25 I can add a checklist to this or I can

03:28 flag it so it’s really quite simple and

03:30 easy to do now is I’m in these areas I

03:34 actually as I was showing you before I

03:35 break this up so I have things let’s say

03:38 my family and I have my mom and dad my

03:40 wife my daughter and you notice my

03:41 wedding anniversary is in there and

03:43 that’s scheduled every single year a

03:45 week before so I know exactly when I

03:48 need to go and start prepping and get a

03:50 gift so I’m already scheduled so that’s

03:52 already taken care of and I could have

03:54 the kids’ birthdays in there my parents

03:56 birthday my sister’s birthday so all

03:58 that information is in there as

03:59 recurring tasks it’s absolutely

04:01 wonderful

04:02 and then one of the beautiful things is

04:05 with all this and as you can see I’m

04:07 getting lots of notifications here I

04:10 move this back over as you can see that

04:13 all this is synced and again if I was to

04:15 go into my family my family is all in

04:18 there as well and it’s exactly the same

04:20 between both sides makes it really easy

04:22 there’s a whole notification system so

04:25 I’ll automatically get at certain

04:27 time during the day I’ll get

04:28 notifications on my iPhone

04:32 as well as I’ll get notifications on my

04:35 watch

04:35 so really helps me keep track of all the

04:39 things that I need to do all the tasks

04:41 that I need to get completed and it’s

04:43 all synced across all of my devices so

04:45 it makes my life a heck of a lot easier

04:47 managing all these things so you know if

04:51 you guys want to give it a try there is

04:53 a 30-day trial you can at least I think

04:55 there is a 30-day trial on their website

04:57 give it a try this is really a great app

04:59 and once you start using it you’ll be so

05:01 super happy your life will get organized

05:03 and then it’s just a matter of following

05:05 through on all those tasks to really

05:07 take yourself to the next level so for

05:09 this issue of Tech-Talk I’m Jeff

05:11 Bromley talk to you soon