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We’re digging even deeper into Thingee’s stack of productivity tools for today’s Tech-Talk. Join us as we explore Trello – one of our favorite real-time, project management collaboration apps. It’s great for keeping track of projects and to-do lists for home or office. Here, take a listen.

Trello does more than just manage your to-do lists. Trello coordinates tasks for each member of your team into a project board. In one glance, Trello tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in the process, including all project details, assignments and tasks.

Just begin a project by opening a Trello card, then:

  • Identify tasks
  • Set priority levels for each task
  • Assign responsibility by team member
  • Monitor progress

If that were all, Trello would be cool, but Trello provides even more of a one-stop-shop for project management by also allowing you to share documents, files, photos, etc. It connects with Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox and even your printer so that you have everything you need at your fingertips.

In a world where we all have more things to do than we can usually get to… Trello helps keep us on track. We recommend giving this app a try and then letting us know how and what you liked about it. Thanks for joining us for a Tech-Talk.  

Jeff Bromley

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00:00 Hey everybody welcome back to Tech-Talk

00:02 where we talk about all things digital

00:03 I’m Jeff Bromley here for Thingee and

00:05 we’re coming at you with another

00:07 exciting episode of Tech-Talk.

00:09 Today we’re going to talk about one of

00:10 the other tools that thing he uses which

00:12 is called Trello but before we get into

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00:24 So with that being said let’s dive in

00:26 we’re gonna talk about one of the tools

00:28 that Thingee uses in our whole suite of

00:30 tools which is called Trello so Trello

00:32 is a real-time collaboration tool

00:34 similar to Slack and similar to

00:37 similar to Google Docs however this is

00:41 the tool that we use to organize

00:43 everything so when you think about it

00:45 Trello is organized into a bunch of

00:47 different things you have boards which

00:49 are great for organizing projects you

00:51 have lists inside of those boards then

00:53 you have cards inside of each one of

00:55 those lists to allow us to track for

00:57 each and every one of those individual

00:59 components that we use it for now the

01:01 really neat part about Trello is the

01:03 fact that it is all real time so the

01:06 fact when I make an update my team

01:09 members don’t have to sync on the other

01:11 side and this happens in real time and

01:12 we’re able to collaborate in real time

01:14 very similar to the way that you saw

01:15 that Google Docs did so when I make an

01:18 update in Google Docs somebody else on

01:20 the other side sees that on their screen

01:21 so when I’m making updates inside of

01:24 Trello somebody else sees that happening

01:26 in real time on their screen so these

01:28 are huge for us as far as being able to

01:32 track overall projects as well as to use

01:34 it to communicate different tasks and

01:36 track when and keep track when tasks are

01:38 getting done and setting due dates and

01:40 assigning it’s really quite a

01:42 wonderful tool. So what I’m gonna do is

01:45 I’m gonna give you guys a quick overall

01:47 demo on how this works so you guys can

01:49 actually see a little bit about how

01:51 Trello works and you can actually see I

01:52 have my iPad back here so I’m gonna

01:54 actually make updates on my laptop

01:56 and as they make those updates you can

01:58 see what happens and this is phenomenal

02:00 I use this at home I use this in

02:02 tracking projects with my wife so we

02:03 have all things around the house and

02:05 things around the house or schedule

02:06 depending on the time of year whether it

02:08 be fall maintenance or change the

02:09 filters in our furnace

02:12 down to you know other things that we

02:14 may need to do around the house is just

02:16 miscellaneous tasks so it’s great for

02:18 tracking that and you can think about

02:19 how that applies to all the things that

02:21 Thingee produces whether it be projects

02:24 for our clients or our enterprise and

02:26 our enterprise detailing tool

02:28 iDetail because there’s a whole roadmap

02:30 that goes on with that so we have

02:31 multiple tasks and multiple features

02:33 which all need to be tracked and then

02:35 all of our documentation goes into

02:37 Google Docs and we share a lot of that

02:39 communication through Slack as well so

02:41 it’s it’s really great we have this

02:42 trifecta of tools that we use so let me

02:45 hop in and show you a little bit about

02:46 how this works

02:48 so right here I’ve created an actual

02:51 Tech-Talk demo board and what I can do

02:54 is I can create a couple lists so we’re

02:55 gonna say to do I’m gonna create another

02:59 and if you notice that popped up right

03:00 over on the iPad I’m going to create a

03:03 doing list and then I’m gonna create a

03:06 completed list so now I have my three

03:13 lists in here and I can create a card

03:16 like oh I don’t know let’s let’s come up

03:20 with it to do record video and I have

03:25 that as a task and you can see right

03:27 here it’s popping up inside of here and

03:29 inside of each one of these cards I can

03:32 assign it so I can assign actually

03:33 myself and you’ll notice as soon as I

03:36 assign myself that actually put my face

03:38 over here and you can actually see that

03:40 and it records it records it into a

03:42 number of different places I can create

03:44 a checklist under record video so here’s

03:47 my tasks and I can go task 1 task to

03:53 task 3 and I can assign those to people

03:56 and I can create labels and due dates

03:57 and checklists all sorts of great things

04:00 I can actually share all this as well I

04:04 can as I can attach if I want it to

04:06 attach another Trello card or Google

04:08 Drive or Dropbox and they have a whole

04:10 host of integrations and where we

04:11 actually use this with our Salesforce we

04:14 use this with Google Drive you can

04:16 integrate this into Slack so actually

04:18 when I’m making these updates I actually

04:20 receive notifications inside of Slack

04:22 and by the way if you haven’t checked

04:24 out our other videos on Slack or Google

04:26 I highly recommend them so again I’m

04:30 able to create all of these and update

04:33 them all in real time and as I move them

04:35 in between lists and watch I’m going to

04:37 slide this over and you can see that I’m

04:38 I move it here from to do in to doing

04:40 and then watch what happens behind me it

04:43 actually updates and as I’m trying to

04:44 point to it it updates between cards and

04:46 then I can move it to complete it and

04:48 again all this is updating in real time

04:50 so think about a small team 3 or 5 or 10

04:52 working together or 10 20 or 50 working

04:56 together or hundreds of people coming

04:58 together to collaborate on major

05:00 features and look at major projects that

05:03 they’re all able to collaborate on it

05:05 really is a wonderful tool this tool’s

05:07 been around for probably at least five

05:09 or six years now I remember using it for

05:11 quite some time and has become a great

05:13 tool for us to track all that so again

05:15 I’d like to thank you for for coming

05:17 here and watching this video

05:18 I’m Jeff Bromley with tech-talk if you

05:20 got any questions please feel free to

05:22 ask and Oh remember to like, subscribe,

05:24 share all those great things on social

05:27 media until next time I’m Jeff Bromley, Thank you.