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If you hear that Apple is introducing a new product tomorrow, do you take the day off and run to stand in line, or do you just… run the other way?

Tech-Talk is here to say, “Don’t fear the tech.” Here, take a listen…


Think for a moment on the tech progression of the salesforce detail aid. We’ve gone from CDs, to DVDs, to flash drives, to interactive PowerPoint presentations. Now we have tablets that not only present preloaded data, but with the help of programs like iDetail App, use cloud-stored content, capture sales call data and integrate with your company’s CRM… all in real time.

As each one of these new technologies was introduced into our lives, we needed to change. And don’t think that anyone is stopping there. The one thing we can all be sure of is that there is something new on the horizon.

It’s ok to be an early adopter and it’s also ok to be cautious, but rest assured that there is help out there to support you wherever you fall on the Innovation Adoption Lifecycle. The Thingee team is available to talk out ideas and demo products that may be useful in your business, whether it’s for reaching new customers, supporting clients, shoring up internal communications, etc.

Give us a call today and let’s talk about your business goals. We may have just the tech solution to get you there.

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00:00 Thank You Don Darren and Joe and the
00:02 rest of the Synergistics team we’re
00:03 excited to be back here again we this is
00:06 our fifth year back here we’ve been
00:07 coming for quite some time we love
00:10 coming back down to Florida and being
00:12 here with you guys and it’s really
00:13 a great opportunity for us to talk to
00:15 some of our existing clients as well as
00:17 to potentially talk to some new clients
00:18 and every year this conference keeps
00:22 getting better and better and we are
00:24 super excited to be back here once again
00:26 today we’re gonna talk about embracing
00:30 new technology and what we need to
00:32 do and why some people embrace it and
00:36 why some people fear it and how are we
00:39 gonna overcome some of those fears and
00:41 how can we help you overcome some of
00:42 those fears so there’s been a lot of new
00:45 technologies that have come out over the
00:46 past two to three years like virtual
00:49 reality headsets and while iPads are
00:51 older than 2 to 3 years but these are
00:53 some technologies that are becoming much
00:55 more mainstream inside a pharmaceutical
00:58 I mean virtual reality’s been around for
01:00 over 20 years but now it’s starting to
01:01 become mainstream
01:03 the iPads been around for over eight
01:05 years now and everybody’s using one we
01:07 have things like the IOT button which is
01:09 huge and we’re going to show you guys
01:12 talk to you guys about how we can use
01:14 this as well as how to overcome into
01:16 some of the fear on how to use it as
1:18 well as Amazon Alexa and this thing just
01:19 keeps growing every single year so it’s
01:21 a it’s a wonderful to new technology but
01:25 before we do that I have a quick poll so
01:28 your company comes to you and you’re
01:30 rolling out new technology it’s being
01:32 implemented at your office what do you
01:33 do you embrace the change sign up to
01:37 be part of the rollout team and
01:38 forge forward with this or do you allow
01:44 your emotions to stop you from taking
01:46 the next step and if you’re like option
01:49 one which is not a lot of us but
01:52 you know at thingee we like to call this
01:54 the Trailblazer mentality these are the
01:56 guys that are that want to take the hill
01:57 that want to go and really forge
01:59 forward and you want to try blaze into
02:03 that new frontier if you’re like option
02:05 two which a lot of people are and
02:08 there’s nothing wrong with that there’s
02:09 a whole host of emotions that are going
02:12 on right now
02:13 so loss you know what am I going to lose
02:17 what will happen if I use this whether I
02:20 like it does this thing even Lert work
02:24 what will I lose with the current
02:26 tools that I use am I going to find
02:28 something that I that I love as much as
02:30 my old tool that I used embarrassment
02:35 am I going to make a fool out of myself
02:36 using this tool no one wants to look
02:40 like a fool in front of their
02:42 peers or look like they don’t know
02:44 something change and change this is this
02:47 is not easy for someone else especially
02:49 when somebody else is changing making
02:52 the change for you so you know you got
02:57 some you have your cheese your cheese is
02:59 right there but somebody’s gonna take
03:00 and is gonna move it on you and you’re
03:01 not gonna be happy about it I’d like to
03:03 wear my cheese was I don’t want my
03:05 cheese to move so that that change is
03:09 going to that change is going to happen
03:11 now the unfortunate part about changes
03:14 and I know this sounds cliche but change
03:16 is the only constant so there will be a
03:20 new tool there will be a new process
03:22 there will be a new technology and some
03:25 people are going to embrace the change
03:27 and some people well they might need
03:30 some help to get there so the good thing
03:31 is that you can change the way you think
03:35 let’s talk now about some of the
03:38 innovations that people thought were
03:39 impossible but is now possible so let’s
03:43 start with a brief history lesson first
03:46 thing up the automobile I I always think
03:49 back to my grandfather who grew up
03:51 during the Great Depression and he was a
03:54 milkman he actually took a number of
03:56 different jobs but he was a milkman for
03:57 quite some time and he always talked
03:58 about how he still preferred his horse
04:02 and buggy to deliver the milk versus an
04:04 automobile eventually he got over that
04:07 and owned many automobiles over his
04:09 lifetime but he still preferred his
04:10 horse and buggy taking flight you know
04:13 the Wright brothers how many people
04:15 laughed at the Wright brothers how many
04:16 people said that that thing will never
04:18 fly and look at where we are now I mean
04:22 we’ve come a great deal a great
04:24 way since then and then going to the
04:26 moon
04:27 man on the moon a lot of people thought
04:29 yeah right but you know we had we had a
04:32 wonderful government and we had a
04:35 wonderful time where we were you know we
04:36 were rallied together as a country and
04:38 we were able to bring this wonderful new
04:40 technology through to fruition and
04:42 actually send a man to the moon
04:44 so let’s translate that into new recent
04:50 tech innovations and what is now
04:51 possible so some of those recent
04:54 technology innovations amazon amazon.com
04:58 they were a bookstore they lost millions
05:01 of dollars for many years now it’s one
05:04 of the largest companies in the world
05:06 you know did you think it was possible
05:08 10 years ago to buy those Christmas
05:10 presents and have them delivered to your
05:12 home I mean Amazon is doing so many
05:14 wonderful things and continuing to offer
05:16 new technologies and people are
05:18 embracing those Netflix how many people
05:22 thought that they would be able to sit
05:24 in the comfort of their own home on a
05:25 Saturday night and choose the movie a
05:27 lot of people still love the experience
05:29 of getting in their car driving to
05:31 Blockbuster or going to Red Box going in
05:33 spending half an hour 45 minutes where
05:36 you and your significant other decided
05:37 on what the right movie was to rent
05:39 picking out your popcorn and your other
05:41 candies and whatnot like that checking
05:43 out and then going home to watch your
05:44 movie experience now that has been cut
05:47 down to sitting in front of your TV for
05:50 45 minutes to an hour to decide on what
05:52 you’re going to watch and on a Saturday
05:53 night so it’s a huge shift but
05:57 Netflix is something that people have
05:59 adopted and people come and know to love
06:03 blue apron blue ape there’s blue apron
06:06 and Fresh Direct who would have thought
06:09 that companies would be able to package
06:11 up all the ingredients that you needed
06:13 to me and a recipe with complete
06:16 instructions on how to create a gourmet
06:18 meal in the comfort of your own home
06:20 they ship you everything is
06:22 going to be there everything that you
06:23 need is there and they handle all that
06:25 coordination along with all of the all
06:27 of the recipes and instructions and
06:30 super clear and easy-to-use instructions
06:32 on how to do that so blue apron clearly
06:35 changed the game i phone
06:38 my iphone came out and they changed
06:42 they moved my button they removed my
06:44 button which I was unhappy with for
06:46 about four hours and then Apple made
06:51 this so simple and so easy to use that I
06:54 wasn’t even concerned about a button I
06:56 go back and I used my wife’s iPhone 7
06:59 and using the buttons and it’s actually
07:02 antiquated to go back and use an older
07:04 version of the iPhone I prefer this so
07:07 much more to the way that it was oh and
07:10 the other thing is with all of this new
07:13 technology you know think about what
07:15 we’re cramming into this you know
07:16 between the video and the camera
07:19 I mean I’m carrying around you know
07:22 something that takes as good pictures
07:24 as my SLR that’s sitting in my coat
07:26 closet and don’t tell my wife how much
07:29 money I spent on that digital camera so
07:34 you know with that talking about some of
07:37 these some of these innovations that got
07:39 us to where we are today let’s think
07:42 about some of the wayans that thingee had
07:44 to overcome over the past 17 years in
07:46 the life sciences and those digital
07:48 changes that we need to make detail aids
07:51 I mean I’m sure I’ve already can
07:52 remember what we had to do with detail
07:54 aids and how we had to get them out to
07:55 the field force it was a it was a
07:58 serious coordinated effort to be able to
08:01get this information out to the field
08:02 force and that was that came in the way
08:04 of CDs so we actually used to have a CD
08:07 toaster and a duplicator at the office
08:09 which you put one in and run seven off
08:11 and we put labels on them and we’d send
08:13 them to the sales ops team and the sales
08:14 ops teams would mail it out to the field
08:16 force same thing happened with DVDs now we
08:18 had a larger capacity disk to be able to
08:21 send this information out then it became
08:23 flash drives flash drives were easy to
08:25 send out they’d just be actually able to
08:26 send them back so we had reusable
08:29 technology which is great and then we
08:31 had interactive powerpoints which would
08:33 put on the flash drives and then we had
08:35 the tablet PC craze which was which was
08:37 a flash in the pan it came and went very
08:39 quickly and then the iPads and then the
08:42 iPads came around about eight years ago
08:44 and people adopted him in droves and
08:45 we’re very thankful about the fact that
08:47 people have adopted the iPads and one of
08:51 the things to note is
08:52 the iPad is not here forever with each
08:56 one of these new technologies we are
08:58 going to need to change there is going
09:00 to be something different there is going
09:02 to be the next new iPad I don’t know
09:05 what that is yet but I’m very excited
09:06 about what is going to happen in the
09:08 future the IOT button amazon has
09:13 mainstreamed how the internet-of-things
09:15 buttons worked and this is going to be a
09:18 huge shift in for thingy and for our
09:22 pharmaceutical company clients that are
09:24 going to use this and we already have
09:26 some early adopters that are using this
09:28 technology and that are putting this out
09:30 in the field with their sales reps to
09:31 distribute to HCPs
09:33 now we have an HCP easy button that is
09:37 sitting in their office we actually have
09:39 real estate that this is taking up it
09:41 can be there to order new samples it
09:43 could be there to request a visit it
09:44 could be there to for medical
09:46 information requests it could be there
09:48 because you just have a patient question
09:49 so we are now going to have these
09:52 buttons that are going to be sitting in
09:54 thousands of doctor’s offices for them to
09:57 be able to communicate back with the
09:58 Home Office to ask specific questions to
10:00 specific pharmaceutical companies and I
10:03 know this may sound scary but it’s not
10:05 it’s a it’s a wonderful way to have
10:08 a concierge service with your clients
10:12 the HCPs
10:14 marketing and events and I know that
10:16 trade shows have been around forever but
10:20 think about it I’ve been to a fair
10:23 amount of events over the past year and
10:24 if you look up you see wireless
10:27 repeaters all throughout the rafters and
10:30 they’re blanketing these events in these
10:32 conference halls with internet
10:34 technologies so now rather than having
10:37 to have a whole self-contained
10:41presentation or attacked or a digital
10:44 marketing tactic that’s going to be
10:45 installed at that booth we now are able
10:48 to connect to real-time api’s on the
10:50 Internet we’re actually able to collect
10:52 information we’re actually able to
10:53 create a personalized experience for the
10:56 people that are attending our booths and
10:58 we can market to them in real time we
11:00 can use that information where you put
11:02 that data and information back into our
11:03 CRM so we can know who actually
11:05 participated at the
11:06 Yvette’s it’s a tremendous amount of
11:08 information that we’re getting which in
11:10 the past it was cumbersome we used to
11:12 have to get the information back from
11:14 the lead CAD lead gen capture people at
11:17 the end of the event and to see who
11:19 actually participated now we could do it
11:20 in real time it’s pretty amazing so with
11:24 all of these technologies you’re
11:26 probably asking me well Jeff how do I
11:28 change how can I change so somebody
11:31 that I listen to quite often is a
11:34 speaker his name is Brendon Burchard and
11:35 he goes most fear is just bad management
11:38 of our own mental faculties and I
11:40 believe this so when you think about it
11:43 if you were to do a little bit of
11:45 research about something you knew
11:47 nothing about you would be able to gain
11:49 a little bit of understanding and it
11:51 would not be so terrifying it would
11:53 actually change the way that you’re
11:55 going to think about it and once
11:56 something becomes knowable you start to
11:58 develop competency and with that
12:01 competency you develop confidence and it
12:04 has this effect of this competence
12:07 confidence circle so you’re actually
12:09 able to learn more about the
12:11 technologies that you want to implement
12:13 in your companies the same thing
12:16 happened to me with the iPhone 10 I was
12:19 a little apprehensive about using it
12:20 because they took away my button my
12:22 button is no longer here what am I going
12:23 to do without a button well I learned to
12:27 overcome that very quickly and Apple did
12:28 such a great job with the way that they
12:30 designed their product it they enabled
12:33 me to become very competent because they
12:37 gave me the confidence because
12:38 understanding this was really simple I
12:41 mean you just started using it and it
12:43 and it just worked so it was it was a
12:46 wonderful thing that they did for me the
12:48 good thing is you’re not alone with it
12:52 you don’t have to do everything on your
12:54 own there are people out there like
12:56 Synergistics like thingy and all the
12:58 other vendors that are here at this
13:00 conference that can help you develop
13:03 knowledge and become competent to give
13:05 you more confidence in these new
13:07 technologies or there’s new innovations
13:09 and it doesn’t have to be only digital
13:10 now one of the things to know is
13:12 Synergistics and thinking we have a
13:14 strategic partnership to collectively
13:17 help our clients drive those digital and
13:20 evasions we collaborate on a number of
13:22 different opportunities together and
13:24 it’s really quite a special relationship
13:26 so if you want to leverage new
13:27 technology in your business
13:29 come find me I’ll be here thank you
13:39 you