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Working together takes on new meaning when you and your colleagues are collaborating on the same document, at the same time, but perhaps while not in the same room. Enter Google Docs. Google Docs is a cloud-based app that lets you share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and videos while collaborating in real time through the wonders of technology.

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Google Docs supports the concept of a virtual office. Docs can be accessed from anywhere through any of the major browsers and on either a PC or a Mac. Google Docs centralizes the content so that team members can be scattered but still work together and in real time.

No more version control, or should we say out-of-control, issues… just think of that. Plus, the ability to centralize storage and sharing of your content. Time saving and stress reducing in a busy workplace? Now that’s a great thing!

Google Docs is a part of G-Suite. A collection of cloud-based apps including Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar that offer teams a seamless way of connecting, creating, and storing files or projects… all while in real time. Files can be uploaded to the workspace including reports, spreadsheets, audio and video to work one to one, or as a group.

The Thingee team has found Google Docs useful in streamlining our project and presentation development efforts. If you aren’t familiar with G-Suite or Google Docs specifically, we’d be happy to discuss some of the ways in which we use this app that may also benefit you, just give us a call.

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00:00 hey everybody Jeff brought me here from
00:02 thingee and welcome back to Tech Talk
00:03 where we talk about all things digital
00:05 today we got some great things we’re
00:07 going to talk about we’re gonna talk
00:08 about some of the collaboration tools or
00:10 continue to talk about some of the
00:11 collaboration tools that thingee uses
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00:21 know about Tech Talk and that would be
00:24 greatly appreciated so today we are
00:26 going to talk about one of our favorite
00:28 tools to use which is called Google Docs
00:31 you guys some of you guys may have heard
00:33 of it some of you guys may not have
00:34 heard of it but I wanted to bring it to
00:35 your attention so you can see another
00:37 piece of the technology stack that
00:39 thingy uses on a day-to-day basis so
00:42 first off the thinkee team has access
00:44 to Google Docs so all of our team is
00:46 able to access this and use this for a
00:48 collaborative tool and one of the best
00:51 features of Google Docs is that you can
00:53 share documents and edit documents in
00:55 real time with Google Docs and that’s a
00:58 document that’s a spreadsheet that’s a
01:00 presentation and you can do all this and
01:03 collaborate in real time with one
01:04 another so we’ve used all these other
01:08 tools like some of the other document
01:12 tools out there not going to name
01:13 anybody name but typically what we would
01:15 do is we’d save it to our desktop we’d
01:17 email it around for somebody else to do
01:18 to do their modifications and then
01:20 they’d get sent back this was a
01:21 cumbersome process which we had to worry
01:25 about version control and who had the
01:27 latest version and then it was trapped
01:28 in somebody’s email so from that
01:30 perspective removing that was extremely
01:33 helpful now we just use Google Docs and
01:36 using these Google Documents has really
01:39 helped us grow as far as a company and
01:41 let me show you a little bit about how
01:43 thingee uses Google Docs so what I’m
01:48 going to do is I’m going to go into my
01:49 drive here I’m going to create a new
01:52 document
02:01 and what I can do with this document is
02:03 I can actually share it with team
02:04 members so the first thing I’m going to
02:05 do is I’m going to click my share button
02:10 right now it shows that it’s only
02:12 private to me
02:22 so I got Brian collaboration and I’m
02:24 gonna share this with Brian and I click
02:29 send so now let’s give Brian a call
02:33 let’s see how we would typically use
02:35 this so I’m going to copy and paste this
02:36 I’m gonna head over to slack I’m going
02:38 to drop this into slack then I’m gonna
02:42 give Brian a call hi Brian
02:56 so did you get the doc I just sent you
03:03 so now Brian and I are actually able to
03:05 collaborate on this document add this at
03:08 the same time so you can see Brian’s
03:09 actually hopped in here Brian can
03:11 actually start typing so if Brian starts
03:13 typing something and then I can actually
03:16 go in here and I can also edit and
03:19 create my text and Brian and I are able
03:24 to collaborate in real time whether it
03:27 be in the same room in a conference or
03:29 remotely like Brian is right now thanks
03:32 Brian so as you can see this is a super
03:39 powerful tool for us for creating
03:41 documents whether it be statements work
03:42 Tech Talk presentations whether it be
03:47 for technical documents for our SRS and
03:50 urs is that we write or even proposals
03:52 for our clients so we’re actually able
03:54 to use this tool and really extract a
03:56 lot of value from being able to
03:57 collaborate in real time with one
04:00 another and it’s really made our lives
04:03 as a company a much better place and a
04:05 much easier place to collaborate in so I
04:08 thank you very much for taking this time
04:09 to learn about a little bit more about
04:11 thingee’s technology stack hope this is
04:13 something helpful that you can use in
04:15 your business and if you got any
04:16 questions give us a call
04:25 you