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There was a big shift in 2017 and if you’ve been following our “All Things Digital” journey through our Tech-Talk Series you’ve been hearing all about it. It has to do with the way we interact with digital technology. It has shifted from “tap, touch and click” to “talk, ask and listen”. That technology shift has affected our mobile devices, smart home products, wearable tech and more. In a salute to this exciting year we’ve chosen our Top 5 Digital Tools of 2017 whose unique design and/or functionality make our lives easier and more interconnected. Here, take a listen:

Thingee’s Top 5 Digital Tools of 2017

  • Thingee’s iDetail App – We recently issued a major release of our proprietary enterprise content delivery app. iDetail is designed specifically for the iPad to support sales efforts of remote teams in efficiently providing up-to-date, secure content. It takes just seconds to download our 30-day free trial on the App Store, give it a try!
  • Alexa Platform from Amazon – Alexa is a personal digital assistant accessed through Amazon’s products Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show. The capabilities of Alexa grow almost daily as new apps and products that interact with this technology are introduced. If you haven’t given one of these products a try it’s time to get in the game.
  • Amazon iOT Button – The Internet of Things “IoT” Button from Amazon is a simple click device that can be programmed to perform a myriad of useful functions. Right now it’s available by many food and household businesses to be used to simplify the reordering of commonly used grocery items, open garage doors, control home appliances, etc., but in the hands of the Thingee team, we can use this groundbreaking tech to benefit your business.
  • Apple iPhone X – Apple’s latest iPhone release is clearly one of the most exciting devices to launch this year. With Face ID, wireless charging, longer battery life, resistance to water and a number of other user-focused features we couldn’t be happier with this device and its place within the Apple ecosystem.  
  • Apple Platform iOS 11 – Did you hear the mic drop with the release of iOS 11? Ok we’re joking a little but Apple really did outdo themselves with this platform release. We’ve blogged about some of the major features like the enhanced security, increased storage capacity, Emergency SOS with health data access and more, so be sure to look back at our iOS 11 focused Tech-Talks when you have a few minutes to make sure you’re getting the most out of this technology.

We’ve only begun to tap the potential of these devices and technologies… potential to simplify our lives, improve our health, increase our productivity and maybe even have a little fun in the process. The Thingee team is excited about what we’ve seen and been able to do in 2017. We thank you for joining us on our journey and look forward to unlocking more potential in 2018, so stay tuned. It’s going to be a wild ride!

Jeff Bromley
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Video Transcript:

00:00 hey everybody Jeff brought me here from

00:01 Thingee and welcome back to Tech-Talk

00:03 where we talk about all things digital

00:04 today we’re going to talk about 2017 and

00:08 look at it as a whole it was a great

00:10 year we’ve had a major user

00:13 interaction shift between how people

00:16 have been interacting with their devices

00:18 you know that that whole notion of tap

00:21 touch and click is still there but talk

00:23 ask and listen is really starting to

00:25 become more and more predominant with

00:28 the devices that we have we’re gonna get

00:30 into that in a second but first we want

00:32 to talk about some of the major players

00:33 that have we’ve been involved with over

00:36 the past year players like Amazon and

00:39 Apple and Thingee continue to release new

00:43 technology to really help people and how

00:45 they’re interacting with technology and

00:47 how they’re interacting with other

00:50 people and oh by the way this is making

00:52 our lives a whole heck of a lot easier

00:55 so here are our five favorite digital

00:58 tools not in any specific order for 2017

01:01 first off first and foremost is our

01:03 software product called iDetail it is

01:06 sold to solution for the iPad you guys

01:08 have heard us talk about in the past

01:10 we’re super happy that we’ve made

01:11 another major release to the App Store

01:13 we invite you guys to check it out and

01:16 download that the next thing that’s been

01:18 super huge for us is the Alexa platform

01:22 the Alexa platform whether it be the

01:24 show or the dot or the whole Alexa voice

01:27 user interaction model huge for us we

01:30 are super excited about this not to

01:34 mention the prices of these things are

01:35 coming way down last year the dot was

01:38 $50 this year they’ve been reduced for

01:41 the holiday season down to $30 this is

01:44 big this is big and Amazon keeps

01:46 releasing more shows echo shows that is

01:50 showing how they really want to start to

01:53 bridge a voice interaction model with a

01:55 digital screen it’s really super huge

01:58 and exciting for us next thing up there

02:00 is the IOT button and I got to grab this

02:02 because it is kind of small if you guys

02:05 haven’t seen this this is the next new

02:07 thing it’s the it’s the doorbell it’s

02:10 the Batphone it’s the alarm

02:12 it’s the need to contact someone button or I need

02:15 to get someone to do something button

02:17 this is a is a huge bet for us here at

02:20 Thingee were we’re excited about it you

02:23 should be to really look at these things

02:26 the next thing that’s big for us

02:29 and this we talked about it about a

02:32 month or so ago is the new iPhone X I

02:35 can’t be happier with this device and

02:38 you know the other thing that goes along

02:40 with iPhone X to top it off is iOS 11

02:43 Apple has really outdone themselves

02:45 they’ve really taken their game to the

02:47 next level so all of these hardware you

02:50 know Thingee Apple Amazon is really

02:55 bringing us a whole lot closer to a

02:57 truly connected world and all of these

02:59 devices and all these technologies

03:01 playing in concert with one another is

03:03 really gonna make our lives a whole lot

03:05 easier so I invite you to check all

03:08 these things out to check out iDetail

03:10  to play with the Amazon tools to really

03:13 start you know digging into some of the

03:15 deeper features of iOS 11 because we’re

03:17 really excited we’re super happy about

03:19 it and you know I think 2017 has been a

03:23 phenomenal year I think 2018 is going to

03:26 be a steppingstone and a building block

03:27 for what we’ve currently done so stay

03:30 tuned because 2018 is going to be a wild

03:32 ride for 2017 this is Jeff Bromley

03:35 signing off see you next year you.