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No one likes to think about it but thankfully the folks at Apple did…Apple’s Medical ID and Emergency SOS features on the new iOS 11 platform are well designed and easy to setup and use. Here’s more from our latest Tech-Talk:

iOS 11 Emergency Features:

Medical ID – setup your emergency contacts and pertinent health information right on the Apple Health app that is already available on your iPhone or Apple Watch through iOS 11

Emergency SOS – simplifies the process for contacting your local emergency number with your iPhone or Apple Watch

Accessing Medical ID and Emergency SOS on iPhone 10, 8 or 8 plus is different than on iPhone 7 but it is easy no matter which iPhone you are using.  Here are a couple of links to help walk you through the simple process…

https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207021 – Medical ID
https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208076 –  Emergency SOS

Basically for iPhone 10, 8 & 8 plus you press the side button and one of the volume buttons at the same time and the emergency screen will appear. For the iPhone 7, just tap the side button 5 times in quick succession and it pops right up.

If you have an Apple Watch your health data and emergency contact information is automatically integrated and therefore accessible by tapping the bottom button as seen in the Tech-Talk video.

So, we don’t want to think about why one day we may need this information, but Apple has made it so easy for us to setup that we really need to take advantage. Once you’re done, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you and those you are close to are a little safer.

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Jeff Bromley

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Video Transcription

00:01 hey everybody Jeff Bromley here and

00:02 welcome back to Tech-Talk where we talk

00:03 about all things digital so today we’re

00:05 gonna talk about Apple’s Medical ID and

00:09 emergency SOS it’s that time of year

00:11 where hey we need to have access to that

00:13 information so I wanted to talk to you

00:15 about a couple of these features if

00:16 you’ve set them up great there are some

00:18 new features that’s inside of iOS 11

00:21 that we want to talk about so let’s dig

00:23 in so the first thing we’re going to

00:25 talk about is Medical ID. Medical ID is a

00:27 wonderful place to keep all your

00:29 information stored on the secure Enclave

00:32 on your iPhone so inside the iPhone you

00:35 could store information about your your

00:39 personal self your height your weight

00:40 your blood type whether you’re an organ

00:42 donor all that great information in case

00:45 something happens to you so let’s say

00:47 you’re unconscious and you need somebody

00:49 needs to know what medications you are

00:51 on you’re on or what your blood type may

00:53 be there’s a very easy way to find that

00:55 information out so if you’re on an

00:56 iPhone you can actually if you push and

00:59 hold both buttons and this is on the

01:01 iPhone X if you push and hold both

01:03 buttons it actually brings up a screen

01:04 where you can find out your medical ID

01:07 so I can actually swipe here brings up

01:09 my medical ID all of my information

01:11 about me and contact numbers so that way

01:14 I can go and and they know who to

01:16 contact who my spouse is my mom’s in

01:19 here a couple other people just in case

01:21 something bad happens to me so this is

01:22 great information for people EMS

01:25 paramedics emergency room god forbid to

01:28 know and have all this information so

01:30 they can find this out quickly and

01:31 easily about you the other thing that’s

01:34 really amazing that Apple is put into

01:37 iOS 11 is the emergency SOS feature

01:39 which I think is great you know it’s a

01:41 busy time of year just in case we think

01:44 something bad is going to happen to us

01:46 and we need to create an SOS and call

01:48 9-1-1 they actually have this built into

01:50 the phone again where I hold down these

01:52 two buttons on the new iPhone and it

01:54  actually brings up and you can see the

01:55 bottom here it has this SOS and this SOS

01:58 feature when I swipe it will call 9-1-1

02:00 as well as send a text message to all of

02:03 my emergency contacts that’s in my

02:05  health store so this is this is a great

02:07 feature to have something great to know

02:09 about for everybody out there and I

02:11really just want to bring your attention

02:12 to all this stuff

02:13  the other thing to note is Apple has

02:15 also done this with the watch so on the

02:17 watch I have all this information as

02:19 well where if I hold the bottom button

02:21 underneath the crown I can actually get

02:23  my medical ID and my emergency SOS so

02:25 this is all integrated through all the

02:27  Apple ecosystem it’s really a a great

02:31 thing to have on you and to know about

02:34  and if you haven’t set it up I highly

02:36 suggest doing that we posted some links

02:38  below to the Apple articles on how to

02:40 set those up if you haven’t done so you

02:42 know take five minutes this is for you

02:44 it’s for peace of mind and you know just

02:46 in case anything happens to you you know

02:48 that you know the EMS can look on your

02:50 phone and find out that information

02:52 about you so you know this is Jeff

02:55 Bromley for Tech-Talk signing off talk

02:57 to you soon.