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Tech-Talk is all about sharing the latest tech that makes our lives easier. It also focuses on how to adapt that technology to optimize your business. iDetail App is an amazing software package that does both… it’s a cloud-based, sales detailing tool designed exclusively for the iPad for sharing and presenting your digital content.

We believe so much in the benefits of iDetail, that we’re challenging you to download the FREE trial software right now onto your iPad, so you can follow along as Tech-Talk takes you through some of its major features. It only takes seconds to download.

iDetail App – Download Now!

iDetail App Features:  

  • Cloud-based, content-editing software suite
  • Created exclusively for the iPad
  • Upload content to the cloud, securely and rapidly
  • Simple to manage presentation builder –  drag and drop, no programming needed
  • Tailor your content to specific groups or individuals
  • Invite team members to share your presentations
  • Customize your app with logos or other key details, colors and images

That’s a lot of great features, but the proof is in giving your new app a test drive. Upload some content then play around with building an eye-catching, personalized presentation. The theme editor will allow you to make the presentation your own with your logo and company or product colors or look. Notice the speed that you now have due to the cloud-based storage, plus any updates to your content will be automatically added to your cloud storage for immediate use.

iDetail App was made to be simple to use for the sales team, yes, but it also fulfills the needs of brand managers and the IT staff that support the sales team. Here are just some of the product benefits:

For the Sales Team – 

  • Simple to use
  • Fast access to content
  • All materials in one app
  • Always up to date

For the Brand Manager – 

  • Manage effectiveness
  • Manage compliance
  • Easy to update
  • Simple content distribution

For the IT Staff – 

  • Eliminates costly HTML
  • Field tested for 7 years
  • Built on AWS
  • Optimized for the iPad

The Thingee team is here to help if you have any questions. In fact, we welcome your questions and your feedback! We will continue to bring you new and exciting technology in the future, but once again, we thank you for joining us for Tech-Talk and for giving iDetail App a try!

Jeff Bromley
ext. 11

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Video Transcript

00:00 hey everybody welcome back to Tech Talk

00:02 I’m Jeff Bromley here for thingy and

00:03 today we’re gonna talk about our

00:05 solution called I detail I detail is a

00:09 wonderful iPad product that allows you

00:11 to securely and easily distribute

00:14 content to your field force so first

00:18 thing I want you to know is there’s a

00:20 link down below I want you to take five

00:23 minutes grab your iPad quickly download

00:26 I detail and that way you can have this

00:27 app too you can try it out for yourself

00:29 but there’s a couple reasons why you

00:31 want to do this and download this

00:33 yourself first off I detail allows you

00:35 to do all of this on your own it’s

00:38 quite an amazing software package for

00:40 the iPad with a cloud-based content

00:42 editing suite the cloud-based suite

00:45 allows you to upload all of your content

00:47 permission all of your content and then

00:49 send that down to the iPad it makes it

00:51 really super slick really super easy for

00:53 you guys to manage to maintain your

00:55 content the presentation builder and

00:58 upload the content management system has

01:00 been re-engineered to be a code free

01:03 environment so there’s no need to hire

01:04 any programmers no need to do any

01:07 additional programming to get it down

01:08 here it’s all drag-and-drop it to all

01:10 WYSIWYG and it is super simple and super

01:13 easy to use and then once you’ve gotten

01:16 all that information into your iPad or

01:18 down onto your iPad you can easily add

01:22 team members so if you want to invite

01:24 somebody show them all the great things

01:26 that you’ve done and show them how you

01:27 put all this content on your iPad you

01:29 can easily invite them add them to that

01:31 content and they can receive that

01:33 content too so it’s super simple super

01:35 easy to use and I highly suggest it

01:39 there’s one additional feature I wanted

01:40 to talk to you guys about and that is

01:42 the theme editor so that allows you to

01:44 use the web content builder to be able

01:47 to customize how your app is able is

01:49 going to look so it allows you to upload

01:52 your  logo so that way it would be

01:55  placed inside the application as well as

01:57 to customize all the colors inside the

01:59  app is really slick super simple easy to

02:02 use and I highly suggest you guys

02:04 taking a look at it so with that the

02:07  link down below going download from

02:09 itunes on the App Store get the latest

02:12 version of I detail on

02:13 your iPad and I hope you guys enjoy it

02:16 this is Jeff Romney for a Tech Talk talk

02:18  to you soon

02:27 you