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Last month Apple introduced Apple Watch Series 3 and it got some buzz… but now that we’ve had time to unpack the real possibilities of this breakthrough technology, we believe it deserves a much bigger celebration. Join us for Tech-Talk as we explore how the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE basically blows the door off its hinges, especially for those in the healthcare field.

So how does Apple effect such a huge change with a watch? It’s the cellular connectivity that’s the game changer. Are you involved in clinical trials, patient efficacy or compliance? With the Apple Watch LTE you now have convenient, secure and fast data exchange for patient/staff communications… with a myriad of applications.

Just to recap, here’s a quick list of benefits that Apple Watch Series 3 lays at the healthcare doorstep:

  • Live patient monitoring
  • Instant two-way communication
    • Trial center and patient
    • Patients and HCPs
  • Simplified data collection
  • Secure data
  • Emergency contact capability

We’ve been following Apple’s entry into healthcare for a few years now. Occasionally we post articles like this one that gives us insight into Apple’s plan for merging health with tech including their HealthKit and CareKit software development platforms. Now tack on the Apple Watch LTE connectivity and we’re really entering into something amazing.

Apple’s healthcare plans under the microscope: From iPhone apps to Apple Watch and what comes next.

What we are sure of is that it’s going to be a cool journey into the unknown! Can we count on you to come with us? Give us a call, we’ll be ready.

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Video Transcript

00.00 hey everybody Jeff Bromley here and

00:01 welcome back to Tech-Talk where we talk

00:03 all things digital today we’re going to

00:06 talk about the Apple watch in health

00:07 care we’ve had some we’ve had some

00:10 recent announcements from Apple and it’s

00:11 gonna change the way we possibly can use

00:13 this device in healthcare and more

00:16 specifically in clinical trials a few

00:19 years ago I talked about the Apple watch

00:21 in health care and how we can connect

00:22 patients with clinical trial centers the

00:26 challenge that we had was that you

00:28 always needed the phone because the

00:29 phone and the watch needed to be paired

00:30 with one another since Apple has

00:33 announced that there’s going to be

00:35 cellular capabilities inside the watch

00:37 that frees us up to do a lot more and

00:41 allow people a lot more freedom with the

00:43 watch and being able to track things so

00:47 now it’s going to be even easier for the

00:50 patient to have a two-way communication

00:52 between the patient and the Trice trial

00:55 Center all they need to do is talk to

00:58 the watch anywhere they are and be able

00:59 to tell let them know whether they’re

01:01 having an adverse event or whether

01:04  they’re not feeling well or to just

01:05 check in and say everything’s okay which

01:07 probably wouldn’t happen but we also

01:10 have better monitors we have heart rate

01:12 monitors and mobility monitors so now we

01:14 know whether people are actually getting

01:16 up getting out of bed and moving around

01:18 and that could be checked remotely it

01:20 gives us a tremendous amount of

01:22 information for the trial Center to see

01:24 whether that patient is actually getting

01:26 up and getting out of bed so it’s going

01:28 to really create this two-way street

01:30 between the patient and the trial Center

01:32 and the one last thing just in case this

01:36 can actually communicate and alert

01:38 emergency services that’s big especially

01:41 when you have a patient you know maybe a

01:43  cancer patient they’re on a clinical

01:45 trial and they need to be able to

01:46 contact two EMS and tell them that

01:48 something major is going on that’s going

01:50 to be that’s gonna be big as well now

01:53 you’re thinking all right well we have

01:54 two major players that are vying for the

01:57 clinical trial space you have Apple and

01:59 Google well I’m gonna take Google and

02:01 I’m gonna get rid of them out of the

02:02 equation and I’m gonna go with Apple

02:04 reason being Apple is so laser focused

02:07 on security and laser focused on patient

02:10 data this is going to win every single

02:13 time

02:13 Google is leaving it up to the

02:15 developers to figure that out where

02:16 Apple is focused they have you know you

02:19 have your health kit and health store on

02:21 the phone they’re stored specifically on

02:23 the phone in a very regulated

02:25 environment you have to ask privileges

02:28 for apps in order to be gained a gain

02:30 access to that information this is again

02:33 this is huge so if you want to explore

02:36 how the watch can be used in your

02:37 clinical trial or just have questions

02:39 about the watch give me a call give me a

02:41 ring we’re here and we want to talk did

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