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Do you face smartphone operating system upgrades with anticipation or apprehension? For a lot of people, it’s the latter… afraid of what beloved, or at least be-liked, features will change or disappear and the trepidation of the uphill climb to learn all the new stuff. Well, assuming most of you have received your iOS 11 upgrades, we’d like to ease your pain a bit and take you through some of our favorite features and benefits. We’ve uncovered a few gems that you may not have noticed, and we can show you how easy they are to access… it’s all right here in Tech-Talk:

iOS 11 advantages are widespread, but let’s put them in a few buckets to simplify:

  •       Increased storage capacity
  •       More control over device apps and functions
  •       Native QR code support
  •       Enhanced WiFi security… probably our personal favorite

iOS 11 brings us a major advantage when it comes to storage. Apple has given users a little more control to allow us to choose the apps we need and those we don’t thereby freeing up space to store the data that’s important to us, not to mention cleaning up those home screens.  

It may have taken a little while for Apple to catch up with this, but iOS 11 allows native support for QR codes. Via the camera app you easily have the option to open the website now or at a later time.

Most importantly however is the enhanced WiFi security. With this feature you are no longer giving out your home system WiFi password to every visitor. Instead you can share the WiFi iPhone to iPhone to allow use without giving up the actual password characters.

Apple was thinking “user experience” with these updates and we’re glad they did. If you are interested in learning more about smartphone applications that might be helpful to you or your business, give us a call. We’d be happy to take on the “new” as long as we’re talking all things digital.

Thanks for joining us for a Tech-Talk.

Jeff Bromley

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