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Do you distribute large amounts of content to remote groups or sales teams? Well imagine the convenience and efficiency of delivering ALL of your latest materials instantly, up-to-date, accurate and secure, directly to your team’s’ iPads. Stop dreaming… we’re tech-talking the latest and greatest tech tool for delivering large amounts of digital content to remote teams. Listen in…

That’s right – it’s Thingee’s very own iDetail® – enterprise content delivery app designed specifically for the iPad. iDetail combines the iPad’s stunning visual display and easy-to-use, gesture-driven interface with powerful business analytics and content management system. Your team can have  all their content, messaging, graphics and data capturing tools to do their job fast and effectively, all in a 1 lb. package!

Secure, compliant, intuitive…

  • One platform for all your marketing materials: presentations, audio, video, PDFs
  • Your content available whenever, wherever you need it online or off
  • Developed exclusively for the iPad
  • Code Free interactive content creation
  • Intuitive drag and drop interface

We will be launching a free iDetail app trial experience later this month so give the Thingee team a call to discuss your current needs, future plans, and sales force overview. We’ll walk you through what iDetail can deliver specifically to your needs to help you meet your goals. We can also be sure you are set up with our free trial as soon as it becomes available so you can experience it for yourself!

We appreciate you taking the time to join us for a tech-talk.


Jeff Bromley
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