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Thanks so much for joining us on a new Tech-Talk technology journey! We’re talking Echos today. Until now you may have considered an echo to be an audible sound or (more specifically related to technology) an audible device, i.e. the Echo by Amazon. Through the Echo we communicate with Alexa our personal digital assistant, right? We’ve asked Alexa to gather information for us and perform functions and that’s been amazing, but if you’ve wished that Alexa could show you people, places and things… your wish has come true! The Echo Show is the Echo we know and love but with a visual component. Let’s see what implications this new visual cue component will have on your life, your customers’ lives, your business.


This multi-sensory, personal digital assistant could significantly impact and improve the lives of healthcare personnel, patients, caregivers and more! We may be able to apply this technology to existing programs that you have for continuity and/or compliance to increase success rates, include more benefits, gather more data… the possibilities are endless but the sooner you get on board, the faster we can help.

This decade of “technology acceleration” isn’t slowing down, it is merely gaining speed. You want to be in the driver’s seat, not on the curb with your thumb out… so give us a call today and we can start working with you to deliver new, easy to use solutions to enhance the way you and your customers work and live.

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