Tackling Team Tasks with Trello | Thingee’s Tech-Talk

We’re digging even deeper into Thingee’s stack of productivity tools for today’s Tech-Talk. Join us as we explore Trello – one of our favorite real-time, project management collaboration apps. It’s great for keeping track of projects and to-do lists for home or office. Here, take a listen.   Trello does more than just manage your […]

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iDetail’s Fastest Slide Deck Challenge | Thingee’s Tech-Talk

The Thingee team is challenging you to take the iDetail Fastest Slide Deck Challenge. After a few weeks of witnessing amazing Olympic challenges, here’s one just for you. BUT, you don’t have to train for this, nor will you endanger yourself, and at the end of it… you’ll be more efficient and more productive! Here’s […]

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The Apple Ecosystem Comes Home | Thingee’s Tech-Talk

Do you like to listen to music at home? We do. Whether we want a calming background sound or a dance party, the HomePod delivers great sound. Not just great sound like you’re used to with other speakers, this is really great sound. Ok, so what else does it do? Let’s see what Tech-Talk has […]

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The iDetail App Test Drive Challenge | Thingee’s Tech-Talk

Tech-Talk is all about sharing the latest tech that makes our lives easier. It also focuses on how to adapt that technology to optimize your business. iDetail App is an amazing software package that does both… it’s a cloud-based, sales detailing tool designed exclusively for the iPad for sharing and presenting your digital content. We […]

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Thingee’s Tech-Talk – Our 5 Favorite Digital Tools of 2017

There was a big shift in 2017 and if you’ve been following our “All Things Digital” journey through our Tech-Talk Series you’ve been hearing all about it. It has to do with the way we interact with digital technology. It has shifted from “tap, touch and click” to “talk, ask and listen”. That technology shift […]

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