Apple ‘Peek Performance’ Products Pack A Punch: Part 2
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Apple ‘Peek Performance’ Products Pack A Punch: Part 2

  • Posted by: Jeff Bromley
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The March 8 Apple ‘Peek Performance’ event was so awesome it took us two Tech Talks to tack it all down.

We continue our coverage with a look at the latest announcements about Apple silicon, leading off with the M1 Ultra chip, a combining of two M1 Max dies for a massive leap in processing bandwidth. And where does all of this silicon go? To the desktop, into the new Mac Studio, a professional-grade powerhouse of CPU and graphics processing along with an impressive number of connectivity ports. And finally, there’s the new Studio Display, a 27-inch, 5K resolution screen designed for the Mac Studio, but awesome on its own with an A13 chip and a generous amount of ports for connecting to any other Mac. 


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