Thingee’s Tech-Talk – How the iPad Transformed Speaker Programs… with RoundTable

Picture this…  your presentation,  seamlessly preloaded onto your iPad and up to 7 guest iPads using iDetail’s award winning content delivery platform. Guests arrive and each receives their own iPad to connect with you throughout the presentation using easy-to-navigate gesture driven controls.  Content is focused but the quality of the conversation and impact of your […]

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Thingee’s Tech-Talk – Keeping It Real in the World of Virtual Reality

Do you still consider virtual reality something for serious gamers or the uber-wealthy? Well Tech-Talk is here this week to turn “VR” into “R” for you and your business.  Just watch: Real life VR applications, real people helped and real-time benefits for your business. As Rich Verde explains, his responsibility to ensure proper application and […]

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