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Tech Talk Rewind: Delivery in the Time of Covid | Thingee’s Tech Talk

  • Posted by: Jeff Bromley
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Rob & Jeff revisit an earlier Tech Talk about Covid-19’s impact on businesses. Service, safety, and convenience are keys in what has become largely a “delivery economy.” One potential effect of these changes may include leveling the playing field for mom and pop shops and large box stores with online ordering, personal shoppers, and in-car delivery.

Customers have high expectations for contactless delivery of goods and services. Businesses of every kind have pivoted to meet customers where they are. 

How do you offer world-class service when people don’t want to come into your store? If you’re a local hardware or grocery store, you offer a personal shopper, who gathers everything you need, offers substitute products when something’s not available, and then you deliver it right to the customer’s car. 

This is one way mom and pop shops can compete with big box retailers. Businesses are using technology and top-notch service to level the playing field in a Covid-19 digital world.

In healthcare, there is an unprecedented willingness to adopt technology as doctors of every kind pivot to telemedicine and the use of technology in this less personal, highly digital world. And as telemedicine technology continues to evolve, the need for more connected devices will also continue to grow. 

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